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The 10 best ways to prevent sagging skin

Each & every one of us, if given a chance, would drink from the fountain of youth. All & sundry likes to stay young & beautiful, but sadly nature has to run its course. And as we age, skin becomes drier, less supple & wrinkles start to appear. This change is the natural ageing process. It is known as intrinsic ageing. It’s based on our genes and can’t be mitigated. But, extrinsic ageing, caused by the environment & lifestyle, can be assuaged to a certain extent. So, although we can’t completely stop ageing, we can lessen its impact. 

Why does skin sagging occur?

To understand ageing, we need to understand skin. It contains two essential proteins, collagen, and elastin. This is what keeps skin looking tight & elastic, and as we age, our body’s collagen production slows down. Another important reason is the loss of Hyaluronic acid, which keeps skin looking fuller by retaining moisture.

Apart from this, weight loss, pregnancy, sun exposure & intensive exercise are also known to accelerate sagging skin. Although it feels like a lot of things cause aging, there are ways to prevent it. Here are ten easy ways to do so. 

1. Moisturize regularly for sagging skin

Hyaluronic acid is our natural moisturizer. It’s known to reduce the depth of wrinkles, enhance skin firmness & lessen skin roughness. So, use a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid, which attracts and holds onto water molecules. Make moisturizer a part of your daily routine. It may help your skin look younger and can help you age gracefully.  

2. Never forget your Sunscreen, rain, or sunshine.

Research states that sun damage is the primary origin of premature ageing & it is known to cause eighty percent of visible ageing. Prolonged UV exposure will break down the collagen fibres in the skin. To protect against sun damage, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day all year round. It helps fight against harmful UVB & UV rays of the sun. Also, make sure your Sunscreen is SPF 50 or higher and comes with a PA ++++ rating, which gives you the best protection.  

3. Choose the right products.

The right products, with the right ingredients, can keep you looking youthful for a long time. Products with Vitamin E & C are good for you, especially moisturizers. Also, try a firming cream with retinoids, which increase the proliferation, maturation, and turnover of skin cells. They are also known to increase the amount of collagen in the skin. Don’t use products that sting or burn. On the whole, do your research, experiment, and use the products that best suit your skin type & lifestyle. 

4. Exfoliate once a week

It is as important to exfoliate regularly as it is to choose the right skincare products. Exfoliating helps remove the build-up of dead cells, thus speeding up the skin’s repair process and helping new skin cells emerge. It also helps to tighten skin. Use a gentle exfoliant every week for best results. Apart from exfoliating, wash your face daily with a gentle cleanser to get rid of impurities, makeup & other substances which might cause skin damage. 

5. Exercise

Exercise can help you build muscle mass and help you firm & tone your body. In addition, it can improve the appearance of sagging skin. Exercising is known to increase blood circulation & boost the immune system, and using immunity booster drops gives skin a youthful glow. In a way, exercise is like your own personal fountain of youth. 

6. Massage

Massaging has restorative & relaxing qualities. Apart from this, it increases blood flow & circulation. This helps remove free radicals from the body, which accelerates ageing. It also stimulates fibroblasts, the connective tissue that keeps skin firm. Overall it’s great for your body. 

7. Eat Healthily

For great skin, a balanced diet plays a vital role. You are what you eat, and for healthy, youthful skin, eat a range of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. And also, add vitamin C to your diet, which supports collagen production. Apart from this, drinking lots of water keeps the skin youthful

8. Try Collagen supplements for sagging skin.

Aside from eating healthy, it’s best to add a good collagen supplement to your diet. It helps replace the collagen the body naturally loses as we age. Research states that taking collagen supplements for eight weeks continuously has been known to improve skin quality & reduce wrinkles. Additionally, they promote the production of proteins that help structure skin, like elastin and fibrillin.  

A good collagen supplement should be silica-based since the body needs to produce & rebuild collagen. It has an incredible impact on skin regeneration & is known for creating a bond between protein molecules, which help skin retain water, vital for cell regeneration & renewal.

Silica also works inside collagen, acting as a glue, providing strength, flexibility, and resilience to connective tissues. In addition, it has various other health benefits such as optimal nutrient absorption, immune response modulation, bone mineralization, and hair & nails upkeep. Apart from this, it helps reduce inflammation, another important aging factor, and it also helps regulate the body’s PH balance.

Research shows that at the age of 25, collagen & silica production of the body slows down. Therefore, women in their late 20’s & early 30’s should seriously consider taking a silica – collagen supplement. This can help retain radiant, youthful skin. 

Try our Silica Drops – Advanced Collagen Booster, health & beauty supplement. It’s an Ionized 100% bioavailable solution designed to be your one-stop collagen booster for glowing skin and health. 

9. Minimally invasive & Nonsurgical treatments

Minimally invasive & nonsurgical treatments are mild procedures used to treat mild-to-moderate skin sagging. It increases collagen & elastin production by using devices to heat different levels of the skin beneath the surface. Some of the treatments are Ultrasound, radiofrequency, Laser treatments, IPL, Laser resurfacing, etc. The recovery time for these procedures is less. 

10. Cosmetic surgery for sagging skin

It is also known as lift & tuck surgery. It requires an incision, followed by excess fat & skin removal. Cosmetic surgery is expensive and requires a lot of downtime in hospitals—an option for those who have lost an extreme amount of weight in a short span. But before you choose cosmetic surgery, consider all your options. Talk to your doctor. 


Women dream of having great skin, but some are blessed with it while others struggle to maintain it. And for extra great skin, try our Silica Advanced Collagen Booster, It’s good for you, and it works.

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