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Sainik710 Plywood Secrets to Outlasting Longevity, Moisture, and Heat

Sainik710 Plywood, as the name implies “Sainik“ means soldier, similar to the soldiers who protect a country, Sainik 710 Plywood is waterproof and protects from high temperature, heat, and moisture. Sainik 710 plywood is one of the best in India from the house of CenturyPly.

Things to know about Sainik710 plywood:

Sainik710 plywood is made up of more plies to acquire greater strength and it is highly bend-resistant. This plywood is resistant to all types of climatic conditions since it is highly waterproof. Sainik710 plywood is Borer and Termite proof when treated chemically. It is affordable, as it costs only Rs.105(inclusive of GST) per unit(unit=929 square cm) and also with greater longevity of 8 years warranty, which is one of the reasons for making it the best.

Sainik710 plywood by Century Ply is available in various measures of thickness such as 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, and 25mm.

Plywood in House Applications:

Sainik plywood is rich in providing benefits when used for work counters, kitchen cabinets, drawers, and furniture, as it is borer and termite proof that makes the kitchen free from pests and insects, one of the best things that relieve the worry of damage occurrence. This plywood is just the perfect choice for every corner in the house to make one’s home elegant look instantly, it can be used in the restroom(drawers), living room furniture(sofa, TV table), dining hall, statement table, slide table which becomes a center of attraction in the entire room.

Sainik710 plywood is a bwp plywood, whereas BWP stands for Boiling Waterproof Grade and is symbolically represented with a bwp mark on the plywood boards as proof of standard ones. BWP grade plywood can withstand high exposure to heat, humidity, and moisture, in a single word it can withstand and be resistant to all types of climatic conditions. It is the best alternative to solid wood and CenturyPly supplies a variety of graded plywood while maintaining a perfect quality standard so that customers are able to choose based on their requirements and budgets.

Sainik710 plywood is not only economical it is also environment friendly, as it uses selected eco-friendly timbers to make ply and is bonded with high-quality modified PF resins. Those selected timbers produce fewer amounts of formaldehyde emissions due to natural hard wax coating during finishing.

Following are Sainik710 Plywood Secrets to Outlasting Longevity, Moisture, and Heat:

Sainik710 plywood is well known for its higher load-bearing capacity due to SSR (Strength and Shape Retention) in its manufacturing which also ensures minimum core gaps (which allows glue to settle and perform better) and uniform thickness. It is highly durable and long-lasting for many years.

Sainik710 plywood is called ASLI WATERPROOF, which means 100% waterproof not just only water it is boiling water proof which means it does not slit or warp even when it comes in contact with boiling water. It is possible because of using premium quality imported hardwood timber during manufacturing which assures approximately 8 years of warranty.

Sainik710 plywood, marine-grade plywood has outstanding longevity due to the highly durable timber used which helps in the active treatment of microbial decay resistance pressure. It suits perfectly for fishing boats in the marine environment to be safe from pests.

Sainik710 plywood remains strong and resistant for long years due to undiluted glue and strong high-quality hardwood used to make ply. It is highly resistant to heat and high temperature due to the infusion of chemicals that possess fire-resistant properties and high pressure applied in the process of creation.

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