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Safety is Our Priority: Keep Your Home Safe with ViroKill

Keeping your home safe is one of your top priorities, and we understand that. That’s why we offer ViroKill: a technology that can help you protect your loved ones from harmful bacteria and viruses. ViroKill is a safe and easy-to-use technology that can be used all over your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

It’s perfect for families with children or pets. We know that safety is your number one concern, and we’re happy to offer a product that can help you keep your family safe and healthy.

What Is ViroKill?

ViroKill is a technology that is used by CenturyPly and Century Laminates which are embedded with nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are highly activated and energized that physically kill all the microbes or bacteria that come in contact with its killing mechanism. This makes the furniture surface safe and hygienic that can be used and touched by everyone, irrespective of their age.

How does ViroKill Works?

   1. Don’t cook and eat with bacteria

ViroKill is an ideal technology for kitchen and dining areas. As it is safe for home purposes, your kitchen is the right place to start for a germ-free space. The ViroKill technology is immune to external factors like moisture, sunlight, and humidity.

   2. Kid’s room

As a parent, you must protect your child from all sorts of danger. So why not choose antibacterial plywood that will protect your child as well as you? Since children do not know the environment like adults, they are more likely to get affected by bacterial prevention in the surrounding area. With Century Ply’s ViroKill plywood, you can rest assured that your child is playing in a protected room as the technology is itself non-hazardous to humans but kills harmful bacteria.

   3. Low sanitation needs

The ViroKill technology has added antiviral properties that save you time and relieves you from the stress of sanitizing your furniture now and then. The furniture: is also low in maintenance which only requires you to wipe them off with a microfiber cloth, and everything is set in its place.

What Are the Benefits of ViroKill?

   1. The effects last forever.

The ViroKill technology is so advanced that its effect does not deplete unless the surface of the furniture is physically or chemically harmed. The nanoparticles are ingrained into the polymer matrix system, which ensures that your furniture remains protected from all bacteria, fungi, microbes, and viruses for a long period.

   2. Thermostable technology

The ViroKill technology is immune to normal sunlight, heat, moisture, and humidity.

   3. Safe for children too

The ViroKill technology is created in a way that kills all the harmful bacteria by 99.99%, making the furniture safe to be used and touched by all age groups, including toddlers. The technology is made using non-hazardous materials, which makes the technology non-toxic in nature. If you use the ViroKill technology, you are ensuring that your family and your comfort place are well protected. You can be relieved from all the stress and stay worry-free with CenturyPly ViroKill technology.


When the ViroKill technology was introduced, it was duly tested at the most renowned testing labs located in Mumbai, known as the biotech testing services. It was tested for antimicrobial efficacy and Antiviral efficacy test as per global standards. The outcomes of these tests clarified that the products made using ViroKill technology are immune to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

The bacteria coming into its radar would have their cell wall completely torn up and killed instantly. This killing mechanism takes a second to start and takes a few minutes to hours to complete the entire process. The time depends upon the area and local configuration. The bacterial plywood becomes safe plywood that could be around any age group.


A home is a place where we feel protected from every danger. As a parent, your child becomes your top priority from the time they come into this world. You always want to ensure their safety at all costs. But there are times when you have to leave your child at home to get out to work your job or run some errands.

That time, ViroKill technology by CenturyPly becomes a protective shield for you and your child. It eliminates all the harmful bacteria and viruses that could possibly affect your child’s health. This technology is embedded in all the CenturyPly products, ensuring the safety of your home at all costs.

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