Rogue 5E – How to Skill build For a Rogue

The Rogue 5E is an interesting class to play in WOW. It has the highest AC and Hit Bonus of all the classes, and this allows them to be a very useful party member. Rogue also has many interesting abilities and combat talents, allowing them to be versatile in whatever role they are playing. The rogue can make for a great solo player, but can also do well at a party if put into the right role.

Rogue has three different starting levels, which can make them feel a little rough at first. The low level allows for lots of experimentation and exploring, while the high level lets them advance faster and allows them to specialize in more types of Rogues. This article will discuss the three levels.

What Talents Are Best To Choose At Each Level

The beginning level of the Rogue is actually one of the worst possible points where you could choose a talent. At this level, the rogue does not have a primary skill, and instead must rely on their numerous combinations and hit chance. This is known as Gamble, and it is possibly the riskiest spec you could choose at this level. Your damage output at level one is fairly low, with little to no speed or damage increase.

The second tier of the rogue offers decent damage, some stealth, and a decent move speed bonus. At this point in the game the rogue really just wants to wreck things. A nice damage increase and move speed bonus make for a very nice rogue build at this level. The major downside to this is the fact that rogues have difficulty surviving large groups due to their low armor and lack of weapon damage. Also, their inability to use weapons makes them easy to sneak upon.

If You Want To Survive, Play a Different Class

The final tier of the rogue is called the Master or Grandmaster. At this level, the rogue moves into the tanking position. The major benefit here is the ability to increase the overall effectiveness of your party with their combined attacks. Some nice class features include a dodge buff, and the ability to place a debilitating debuff on an enemy.

The Disabling shot ability allows you to disable your enemies without damaging them. The more you hit an enemy with this ability, the less it takes to disable them. This makes it a powerful Debuff which is useful for keeping multiple enemies down at once. The major downside here is the lack of damage and the fact that the enemy can still attack you while disarmed. If you are a low-health party member, don’t go for this ability

The Thief Is One of My Favorite Specs in the Game

Although the rogue is considered to be weaker than the warrior, there are several different thief abilities that make up for this. With a combination of both auto-attacks and the stealth and crit rating, thieves have one of the highest damage-dealing specs in the game.

Every spec in the rogue tree has some sort of attack speed buff or debuff. A lot of these are only useful for improving your DPS, but others help you kill faster. Each spec has a couple of abilities that generate enmity, which is useful for breaking things such as soul locks. If you want to be a successful rogue, you need to take all these abilities into consideration and make the best decision for your play style.

When it comes to survivability, the thief falls behind with having the least amount of defense for any spec. Even the block rate for the thief is subpar. The best way to survive in the game is to use your parry and blade flurry attacks to keep you alive. The damage taken by enemies when you hit them with either your attacks or your weapon is very small, so you will always survive thanks to dodge.

 Parry Being Effective On Enemies

The rogue’s biggest strength comes from its attacks per second (AoE) ability. Rogues have access to many powerful attacks which are very deadly due to their damage output and fast kills. Aoe spells are very useful for taking out multiple enemies at a time, especially with crit chance and attacks per second (AoE) abilities. Just keep on moving and you will be fine.

The rogue is a fun and effective class to play, but only if you know how to play it. You must learn how to utilize your skills to kill quickly and efficiently. You can improve this in a couple of weeks by simply reading up on other rogue specs and their abilities. There are many videos and articles available online that will greatly help you understand the workings of a rogue in depth.

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