Private School Japan Recommendation for Parents to Help Kids Ace their Tests?

Take a look some of the ways in which you can help you child do well in their exams as advised by one of the best Tokyo Montessori School and Private school in Japan

Even though exams are one way of tracking the performance of students, they shouldn’t be judged on that basis. Their passion and interest might differ so in order to know students’ potential, check their overall development and performance.

Tokyo Montessori School teachers evaluate student development in 5 areas; such as

Language, Sensorial, Math, Cultural and Practical Life.

If your kid puts in the extra time and effort necessary to prepare, they can take any test or exam. They will have more confidence in their ability and give their best to stand out. However, parents play a vital role in helping their kids to prepare for exams. 

As we are discussing acing the test/exams and how parents can help their children, so let’s get straight into it.

8 Test-Taking Strategies by Tokyo Montessori and Private school in Japan that are tailored for parents

  • Converse with Teachers

In Private School Japan, teachers provide the details of the preparation guide that outlines the exam’s structure and key facts. Parents should connect with teachers if it’s not been provided and clear all the doubts. If parents need advice regarding the preparation or need to know what their kid’s strengths and weaknesses are, they must reach out to the teachers to get more detailed information. Teachers can help you with study techniques and daily worksheets according to the kid’s needs.

  • Get the Whole Family Involved

Extensive cram sessions before exams hardly work out. Instead, play short 15-minute games. Engaging siblings and adults will make learning more enjoyable and less stressful. But what games to play?

Author Laura Laing suggests parents play small math games with their kids. Pass around a napkin on the dinner table, and whoever gets the napkin will have to answer one math question. Younger the age, the easier the question will be.

  • Engaging Senses

Every Tokyo Montessori School believes integrating the senses of smell, touch and sound can be fun and help students to learn a concept better. Being actively engaged helps your kid to grab more information, rather than reading from textbooks.

Let children learn letters by writing words on a cake pan with icing or shaping cookie dough as letters. You can play throw ball with your kid when they recite a poem or state capitals. 

  • Print Flash Cards

Flashcards are a great way to revise fast facts. However, you got to make it unique for your kid by using pictures, colorful pens and stickers. Kids love taking the lead, so instead of you being the quiz leader, let the kid take the charge. With each incorrect answer you offer, your kid will correct you with the right one. This will make their learning fun and interesting.

  • Discuss Test Strategies

Strategies of taking tests are not a natural concept to the kids. Parents need to coach their kids on everything about exams such as how to check papers, how to write,  which questions to select, teach them to cross out any incorrect answers on the multiple-choice test using a pencil and show them how to review, etc.

 Tokyo Montessori School teachers do this job of explaining things to kids but being parents prepare them in every way.

  • Design Test Papers to Practice

A day or two before the big day, prepare a practice paper for your kid. It will help them to figure out the areas that are still unclear. Use a multiple-choice worksheet to teach your youngster historical facts as you recite spelling terms.

Help your kid identify what she needs to work on and focus on those aspects. Private School Japan recommends parents to take written tests as it helps them memorize better.

  • Go through Previous Mistakes

You don’t want your kid to make the same mistake over and over again. Help them solve any mathematical issues they face, or practice the scientific term they keep on forgetting. 

  • Follow the Basics

Before the test day, a student needs to get plenty of sleep to perform well. A 3-6-year-old needs 11 hours of sleep but, how to learn if your kid is sleeping enough? If your kid doesn’t wake up on their own, they are not getting complete sleep. Put them into the habit of going to bed early and waking up early and seeing that they are consistent.

Every Tokyo Montessori School suggests that healthy nutritious food energizes the brain. So make sure you provide them with healthy nutritious food and put them into the habit of eating healthy from childhood.


Parents can help their child be the star of the class. They just need proper attention and care. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to help your kid grow strong and independent. Private School Japan teachers are always there to help your kid with any difficulties  they face. However, parents play a significantly important role in mentally preparing their kids for taking any test. 

Prepare your kid using the mentioned strategies and see your kid break their own record. Being a kid, every activity is an important part of their learning procedure. However, plan for interesting learning methods rather than reciting the bookish knowledge. 

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