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Plagiarism: Ways to Detect and Avoid It

Many authors use a literary examiner like grammar before submitting their articles to professors. It is important to use plagiarism checkers to maintain the quality of articles and assignments. You can also use the AMA citation generator to make sure your articles are cited correctly. Doing several tests on these factors determines which grade you will get.

On that note, there are four ways to investigate plagiarism when writing an article –

Run Google search

A simple Google search is a very easy way to examine any part of the paper. If you find a paragraph or a sentence that appears to be stolen, do your primary check using Google. Then, all you need to do is copy-paste the piece you want to see in Google. If you put a quotation mark at the beginning and end of a sentence, Google will show you if there are any published pieces with similar lines.

This is a simple and free way to investigate plagiarism. If you see this piece has been stolen, save the link as a hyperlink to cite the original source.

Use free online applications to check electronic documents

There are many free websites that you can use to investigate plagiarism. In general, these websites offer more features than a simple Google search. Although most of them are paid, you can find free plagiarism checkers. For example, a plagiarism checker comes in the form of grammar in free and paid versions for students and professionals. Once you select a site, copy and paste the sentences or articles you want to test. Many sites allow users to upload complete documents. Some popular sites are:

  • Duplicate checker
  • According to the grammar
  • Paperwriter
  • Try a commercial service for more efficient testing

If you regularly check a large amount of paperwork, it is better to pay for a service that will help you in the long run. Many schools purchase such professional software for their teachers. You can also purchase an individual membership for yourself. These sites are able to automatically check the documents. The two most commonly used services are Turnitin and Article Verification Engine.

Encourage your school to use the plagiarism checker tool

Suggest to everyone in your school to use this plagiarism investigation process even if your school does not have such a policy. This way students will know that teachers will check their copies through software. That way, they will not be encouraged to cheat and copy when writing their articles.

Following these four tips will help you deal with plagiarism issues when writing an article.

Aside from the fact that you work in an unethical, dishonest way, and don’t learn anything in the process, the problem is that your teacher probably knows you and your writing style well enough for you to successfully submit the copied text. Can . Most secondary schools, colleges and universities have a moderate view of plagiarism, which is becoming more widespread with the widespread use of the Internet. Technology has made it much easier for students to search and click on articles and pay online with a valid credit card for instant download. Consequences can be serious when students are caught copying someone else’s text, so it’s safe to avoid.

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