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Long Lasting And Cost-Effective Waldorf Equipment At Your Service

There are so many brands out there that are currently making some of the best commercial kitchen equipment. While looking for the items the first time, you get confused, especially with so many options by your side. However, you must check in with the best equipment as you will be spending a chunk of money on that. So, it is high time that you rely on the best brand for the same. Once you have selected Waldorf equipment, there is no need to look back.

Once you have selected this brand for commercial kitchen items, you don’t have to look anywhere else for a secondary helping hand. You will be amazed at the variations available, and the rates are pretty much towards the lower side as well.

 Waldorf equipment

Cost-Effective Equipment With A Long-Lasting Approach:

So, if you are a newbie in this restaurant business and don’t want to invest a lot of money in commercial kitchen products, then Waldorf equipment will be your answer to all. But you can rest assured of the quality of these items. Just because you are paying less does not mean you will degrade quality. The equipment and tools are designed to last the longest and fulfill all your needs of running a great commercial kitchen space.

Trying Out The Waldorf 800 Series Bp8080e:

This Waldorf 800 Series BP8080E is a 900mm electric tilting Bratt pan, which is gaining quite a popularity among commercial kitchen owners. Before you proceed further, learning a bit more about the Waldorf equipment is important. So, let’s dig right into the values now.

  • The dimensions of this item will be around 900mm x 805mm x 1130mm. So, it is a big boy that you are talking about!
  • It is one electric power unit, which will not charge you a hefty amount as part of the electricity bill every month. It consumes less power to work magnificently.
  • It consists of 400-415V, 3P+N+E, 17A, 12000W power units. So, this is one highly sophisticated model that is a must for running your commercial kitchen space.
  • This product is a bit towards the heavier side when it comes to its weight. It will weigh somewhat around 245kgs.

Waldorf 800 Series Bp8120ge:

It is one of the gas-based tilting Bratt pans, which is another one of the interesting Waldorf equipment to give out a try now. So, let’s focus on some of the features that this mechanism has in store for you.

  • It will hold the dimension of 1200mm x 805mm x 1130mm, making it another big product to be spaced out at one corner of your kitchen.
  • The best part about this machine is its power type. It will work on both gas and electricity.
  • The power unit that this machine follows will be 90MJ & 220-240V, 1P+N+E, 1A.
  • When compared to the previous model, this one is a bit heavier and weighs around 286kgs.

Once invested, this tilting pan is subject to last for a long time. So, no need to worry about the quality and working ability of this Waldorf equipment as it is designed to withstand daily pressure with ease.

Some Of The Features To Address:

Before you proceed further and get your hands on the Waldorf equipment, learning about some of the features is important. These items are made using superior quality material to make the final product last the longest. The machines are highly reliable and made using advanced technologies at their best. The modular style and design make it super easy to fit the machine, even in the tightest spots in the kitchen. 

So, these machines are suitable for all kinds of hospitality sectors. Just grab the best models, and you are off to a great start!

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