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Know about Kamvas 13 (Violet) Huion Pen Tablet

Kamvas 13 Huion Graphic pen tablet is amazing. It has impressed the artist and designers with its amazing features and specification. Huion has upgraded the collection of tablets with attractive colors. It is suitable for life and signifies the artistic touch from inside to outside. Looks and features both complements the graphic designer’s needs.

Huion Kamvas 13(Violet) Features, Specification

Kamvas 13 is trending and has become the favorite of every professional working in the multimedia, graphic designing, web designing industry or involved in other types of sketching, illustrations, and artwork. Users can choose anyone with their preferences and mood. 

Features in Brief:

We are sharing the main highlighted features of Huion Kamvas 13(Violet).

  • The Huion Tablet has a 13.3 inches screen space with a resolution of 1920×1080 to draw.
  • The stylus offers an 8,192 pressure sensitivity level.
  • 8-hotkeys are given that can be programmed as per user preferences.
  • Accurate and Fine drawing illustration experience with 266PPS report rate.
  • Work from any side as 60deg tilt functionality is enabled.
  • Connect any OS-supported gadget system compatible with Android, Windows, Mac.

Kamvas 13(Violet) is developed following the trend of fully laminated screen technology. Even then the tablet is worth buying because the price is decent and you will never find such a nice featured tablet in this price range. On Microworldinfosol, Kamvas 13 is available for under 22000 Rupees.

Many people complain about the unnecessary light reflection or glare reflection. It is not for an individual’s eyes because they work for long hours so it is not worth buying something that can impact our health and body. 

You will not face this problem with the Huion Kamvas 13(Violet). The scratch-resistant anti-glare film is combined here that enables the distraction-free natural drawing on the glass screen surface seamlessly. Every stroke you draw on-axis is pointed accurately in a position like a professional. You can analyze your creation and detail with an angle view of 178 degrees.

With the HD monitor resolution of 1920×1080, you can see vivid, vibrant, crystal clear images. It is the ideal screen size resolution with the inclusion of a 120% RGB gamut.

The tablet supports a PW517 stylus enriched with pen tech 3.0 technology. Each move offers ultra responsiveness.  The design of the nib is so good, the length is 3.5mm better than any other stylus. It reduces the bounce back issues and offset positions.

Huion Kamvas 13(Violet) Specification

The stylus and graphic pen tablet offer a realistic digital drawing experience and top-notch performance. You never feel like working on a glass screen. PW517 is one of the best resources that makes the design super-efficient, error-free, fine, fully detailed with its pressure sensitivity level. 

If we talk about connectivity and ports, you can connect 2 Type-C cables. There is an upper port and another one is a lower port. One is for HDMI cable connectivity and the second one is type-C to type-C fully supported connection. AC Power adapter need is sorted here no need to buy that. Type-C connectivity ports are very convenient. It is more efficient than any other previously invented cables. You don’t have to look over the cables from which side it is connected to the port.

Nowadays every individual has a smartphone. Therefore you can invest this remaining time in other things or can relax from work commitments. 

Huion Kamvas 13 enables the support for Android smartphones and makes things accessible on them. But your Android phone should have a type-c port. Mac and Windows can also be connected using cables. We can call it multi-device compatibility but as it does not offer the support for iPad and iPhone so for this does not state it truly.

Many people also give importance to weight and width so it is lightweight and stunning with appearance and features. The product design is according to the width 11.8mm and weight is 980gm. That is quite slim. Work from Home mood is on so this tablet balances it out with all the convincing features and accessibilities. Don’t look for any other setup. This tablet is suitable for all your web meetings, calling, designing, digital creation, architectural sketches, etc.

Do you like this tablet model?

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