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5 things that are essential for every eCommerce Website

The age of eCommerce has dawned. Gone are the days of shopping through physical mediums; the modern consumer is glued to their screens and owing to the massive demand of the online shopping cart system, brands have moved their sales procedure online. Every eCommerce site is eccentric in its own way. From designs like animation, advanced filtering, and 360-degree product previews to dynamic product search, eCommerce websites need tons of features. But, how do you know what features are important for your website? Well, to make it easier for you, here’s a list of must-have essentials that can attract online shoppers to your site. Dive in!

User-friendly interface

Have you ever heard about the age-old adage of keeping your brand image simple? Well, this applies to your website as well. Studies show that about 76% of consumers prefer simple websites. The goal should be a good design and an easily navigable interface without sacrificing the elegance of the layout. Your website must help shoppers get what they want faster without running into any unnecessary complexity that can clog up the path to purchase. To make your site more responsive and user-friendly improve the search functionality with an autocomplete option. 


While you are making your site user-friendly, don’t forget to optimize the interface for mobile. As mobile shopping accounts for about 50% of online transactions, a responsive website can provide a user-friendly experience to the smartphone audience. Irrespective of whether you have millions of product pages or five, use an online store builder to create a mobile-friendly site that your shoppers will love. 


There is no denying that not all eCommerce sites have brick-and-mortar stores. But, in case you have one, integrate the find-in-store feature with your eCommerce website. By doing so you ensure that you don’t just get organic traffic, but foot traffic as well. Usually, consumers tend to research online before shopping in a store and when you add your store location on your eCommerce site, this will add to your brand credibility as well. 

Social Media Integration

Do you know that more than 20% of online purchases are accomplished after surfing through the social media pages of the business? Most consumers are inclined to take in public opinion due to which social media accounts configuration with eCommerce websites is integral. Social media accounts can bring in excellent opportunities for self-promotion and identify the most active and influential customers. So, ensure that your social media accounts are linked with your eCommerce website.

CMS integration

Configuring a content management system can help to store and manage all the visual and written content as well as the marketing documentation in one place. With CMS integration, businesses can edit or add new information, and the changes will automatically be reflected on the website once published. 

Search and filtering functionality

One of the most used features of an eCommerce website is the search bar. Whether it is about redirecting to a product page or browsing through specific categories, a search bar can come in handy when the users want to reach a certain page in just a couple of clicks. While you are integrating the search button, always ensure to work on the filtering option as well. So, that users will find what they are looking for as soon as possible. 

Security features

There is no denying that online transactions have become a part and parcel of our lives. eCommerce websites are like a honeytrap for cybercriminals and if you want to protect your customer information and take steps to ensure privacy, include end-to-end encryption and other features that can make your eCommerce platform secure for payments as well as customer data. 


And that’s it! The above-listed features can make your eCommerce website the perfect go-to page for your potential buyers. Whether you are a B2B business or a B2C enterprise that prefers the online shopping cart system, getting an effortlessly flawless, feature-enriched website is the need of the hour. Get started with an online store builder now and pave the way for greater conversions and more ROI.

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