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Kedarkantha trek – packages, Itinerary


Kedarkantha trek is an ideal trekking point for adventure addicts. It’s also analyzed as the top trek of Uttarakhand. Kedarkantha is a trek blushing with magnificence, providing photographers an excellent shot to seize the condensation subsiding from the pine trees that glance like mysterious dust. The major highlight of this Trek is encountering the beautiful campsites, where every location is different in its means and commits not equal the elegance of any further campsites in the journey. 

Kedarkantha Trek:

Kedarkantha is such a well-known winter voyage that it would be eligible to be approved as the Queen of Winter Treks. Knee-deep precipitation in winters, exciting sympathetic from the elevation, and the beautiful and easy paths render it extraordinary among trekkers. The ‘easy on determination’ highway glides through the huge pine wildernesses of Govind National Park. The opinions from the roof are worth scrambling to an elevation of 12,500 feet. Kedarkantha trek will empower you with an inimitable viewpoint of the cosmic climate, dense meadows, sprinkle hallways, charming Townley, scented pine forest, sky-knocking cliffs, tranquil rivers, and some fictitious anecdote whispers. Experience walking in the core of the dusk, the headsets flame to glow the way, and commence the morning from the utmost sizes of a mountain before you arrive at the conference. 


Day 1: 


The initial point of this trek starts from Dehradun. Which is the most fascinating place in the state. Which also attracts many tourists across the globe. The path from Dehradun to Sankri is a blissful way of the Himalayas.  Move ahead to Yamuna and Tons river, with pine wildernesses encircling your path, and appreciate the elegance of health at its reasonable. After the breezy lift reach Sankri and check-in to the prosperous camp

Relish a lip-smacking meal at the camp

Overnight stay at Sankri admiring your entire day. On day one you will be driving a distance of 187 kilometers within 6-7 hours. Where you will be covering an elevation of approximately 2000 meters. Here you complete your day one. 

Day 2:

Sankri-Juda ka Talab

On day two you will be driving distances of 4 kilometers within approximately 4 hours. Where you will cover an elevation of approximately 3000 meters. Forward the path, we will strike various high-altitude halt bridges and minor villages. One such village is Saur Village, where you will start your hike from. This is one of the striking days for the holy People. As it is believed, Lord Shiva once came to meditate. So, many trekkers spend some time here to meditate. Later, Come out of your camps and get mesmerized by the overnight dramatic hills by staying beside the lakeside beauty, and stay overnight. Here you have successfully trekked for two days 

Day 3: 

Juda ka Talab-Kedarkantha base

This is one of the most intriguing parts of the trek especially for the journalist trekkers and photo crazy folk. On this day your sight will be soaked with the most dramatic impression of the journey. So pull out your camera and be ready to snatch pictures. Engage yourself in the magnificence of snow-lined direction and patches of overgrown grass that encircles your path. In issues of the climate being brutal, relieve yourself at the comfortable and suited Gujjar huts. Upon attaining the camp, streak the stop of the day with an incredible feast and retire to the tents for the gloaming. Overnight stop at the Kedarkantha base. On this day you will be trekking over approximately 4 kilometers within 5 hours. Where you will cover an elevation of 3500 meters approximately. Here you complete day 3! 

Day 4:

Base camp – Kedarkantha peak

The destination! This is one of the days you have been waiting and struggling for!  Finally, the peak point where you will be amazed by the perspectives of the wonderful hill from the cliff. You will earn to withstand cheering and leaked daylight glares from the mount. On attaining the ridge, your jaw is getting lower and your gazes will not wink as you see the daylight soaring from the hilltop. Later expanding some moment at the summit and will begin coming down and walking down to core camp. Attend the camp and stop the day with a flavorful meal. The total drive a trekker will be covering on this day is 6 kilometers within 5 to 6 hours. Where the Trekker will be covering an elevation of 4000 meters. Here comes the end of the day! Where you can rest and journalize your day. 

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Day 5: 

Juda Ka Talab- Sankri

On day 5, get some fresh morning light from the sun and get ready for your journey. Now you will be descending through the mountains with all the memories. Proceed on the path and appreciate the impressions of the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. Later take your night break at the minor village Sankri. On this day you will be covering a trek distance of t kilometers within 4 to 5 hours. Where you will cover an elevation of 2000 meters approximately. Here you complete your 5th day of the trek successfully. 

Day 6: 


One of the heaviest days of the trek, where the trek will be coming down to the initial point again. The trekker will be covering a trek distance of 187 kilometers within 6 to 7 years. Where you will be covering an elevation of 650 meters approximately. And yeah! Here you have accomplished the trek, Cheers! Now, it’s time to depart home with a heavy heart and lifelong memories. 


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