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Best Beach treks in India

Best Beach treks in India

Although it is a new concept in India, it is becoming popular. It is quite different from trekking in the mountains. You can enjoy the Sun, Surf and Spectacular Sea. Here are some places listed below for you.

Gokarna Beach Trek and Camping 2021

Gokarna is a small town of Karnataka which is at the foot of Sahyadri Hills and Arabian Sea. it is named because there is belief in people that lord shiva came out of the cow’s ear at this place. 150 km away from Goa. Famous weekend destination among trekkers. Trek is 970 km long. In this 2-day trek you will go through Kudle, Om, Half Moon and Paradise Beaches, Nirvana and Kumta then head back to Gokarna. At Paradise beach you will witness Sunset and Sunrise 9-10 km long trek.  Best season for visiting is November to March.

Chandipur to New Digha Trek

It is one of the longest treks. This trek covers two states Odisha and West Bengal. It is famous for Cultural Variety. This trek takes 5 days to complete. In this trek you cover the distance from Chandipur (Odisha) to New Digha (West Bengal). You will witness flora and fauna while going through villages. You will also enjoy beautiful landscapes and rivers.

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Kumta Beach, Karnataka

Kumta beach is famous for cleanliness and sparkling blue water. It is also famous for fishing and tasting local cuisine. It is an 18 km long trek.  There are several beaches on this trek. Starts from Vanalli Beach and ends at Nirvana Beach. Best season for visiting is November to February.

Half Moon Beach, Gokarna

Half Moon Beach is famous for wooded areas and trekking. You can spend the night here watching the stars and listening to waves. Trek is not connected by Road. Only can be accessed by hiking and trekking. Look of the beach is traditional and homely due to village huts with classical Indian style. You can also enjoy adventure activities here. This beach got its name because its view is the same as Half Moon.

Elephant Beach Trek, Andamans

This beach is popular for water sports like Snorkelling, Sea walking and Speed Boating in Havelock Island. Andamans Tourists usually take boats to reach elephant beach. But trekking to the island is equally Energising. Time to complete this trek is 30 to 40 minutes. You can go there on foot or you can go on scooter. Before the beach you have to complete 300-meter marshland and mangrove forests. Best time to visit this trek is in the morning. Because the sun gets strong in the afternoon. In the evening there is also danger of insects and poisonous fauna.

Bekal Beach Trek, Kerala

Bekal Beach is in Kasargod. This beach is untouched by tourists on the shores of Lakshadweep Sea. 400 km away from Bangalore. This area is famous for film shootings of Bollywood and Tollywood. This trek has backwaters, beaches and a fishing village. It is one of the best beach treks in India. One day trek which is 7 km long. Best season for visit is November to March.

Ocean trek to Neauti Beach, Goa

Walk along a trek to look down upon gorgeous blue waters of Arabian Sea. While going through this trek you will come across several beaches where you can rest and enjoy. Trek begins at Porvorim and ends at Neuti Beach. You can visit seaside villages, Vengurla and Malvan. Best season is from November to February. One day trek.

Korlai Fort trek

Korlai fort is one of the best forts in alibaug town. Sides surrounded by sea. Height of 275 meter. On one side there is a pristine blue ocean and on the other side there is Creek named Kundalika. The fort is at the start of the creek. The lighthouse is a famous spot on this trek. To visit this lighthouse, permission from the government is required.

Arambol Beach Trek, Goa

Arambol Beach trek is one of the best treks in Goa. It is a scenic beauty when you go through the groves of cashew trees to get there. You will also go through cliffs where you can enjoy mesmerizing views of Arabian Sea. It is famous for adventure activities like Paragliding and others.

There is old debate which is going on till now. Which one is better: Beach or Mountain. But here in India you can enjoy both mountains and beaches. With crystal waters, backed by mountain ranges makes your trip unforgettable. You can enjoy both worlds with Crashing Waves and Sunrise, Sunset over the mountains.  


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