IPEM Institute: Creating a Constructive Learning Environment

Learning is not a goal, but the path that helps us achieve the goal. IPEM is a well-off institute in terms of education and alumni base. The college offers a highly professional and job-oriented program that can get instant jobs in respective industries, thus creating a constructive learning environment.

The college offers undergraduate programs in education, IT, management and Law to condition the students holistically. IPEM allows its students to dive deep into the realms of research to amplify their knowledge base, dig new pathways, enhance their thinking and writing skills, and embrace the challenges that are to be posed by the market. While keeping the growth of students in focus through student-centred learning, IPEM keeps evolving industry trends in mind to frame effective teaching strategies accordingly.

Apart from education-centric opportunities, students at IPEM get the chance to build partnerships with industry experts at multiple levels to encourage business and community engagement. The aim of IPEM is to forge international collaborations and encourage excellence for improved expansion. Equipped with all essential resources and scalable infrastructure, IPEM hosts a constructive learning environment for the accretion of industry-ready professionals.

How does IPEM create a Constructive Learning Environment?



IPEM Group of Institutes offers multiple undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The Master’s Degree programs offered by the institute are accredited by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and affiliated with Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU), Lucknow. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and Bachelor of Computer Application BCA), are all affiliated with the Chaudhary Charon Singh University, and the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is approved by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). Bachelor of Law (LLB 3 yrs) & BALLB (5 Yrs) is approved by the Bar Council of India. Take your first step towards your dream career.


The institute offers value-based education to all. Ensuring academically accurate and well-crafted programs, the institute prepares students thoroughly for industry setup. During the program, the aspirants can explore technical and non-technical opportunities for professional growth of the students. All the programs are job and industry -oriented.


Regular webinars and international conferences strengthen their national and international grip to expand boundaries boundlessly. Citizens from different countries, cultures and backgrounds become a part of these international ventures to contribute to the overall success and reach. We believe that management is one of the most important aspects that diversify and segregate us. And being the best MBA College in Ghaziabad, they try to empower their students with all essential management skills.


Research is the cornerstone of IPEM. They impose a theory-led approach, which accompanies practical research to empower the holistic development of students and concepts. Professional faculty and trained staff manage research sessions to ensure that students get into the details of everything they do. All this prepares them to face challenges that organizations, regulatory bodies or renowned personalities address. Their aim is to conduct vivacious, multi-faceted and productive research in a constructive learning environment. Since researchers are open to discussion, students get exposure to multi-directional growth opportunities.

Wide Placement Opportunities

The institute cherishes a wide correlation with local, regional, and global recruiters to allow a perfect career start for the students. IPEM has a strong alumni base that makes the connection stronger in prestigious organizations. They continue to expand and grow these relationships worldwide with more recruiters.

Infrastructure and Resources

With state-of-the-art lecture classrooms, conference halls, auditoriums, libraries, labs and online support, etc., the college offers everything to their students for all-around development. Besides, students can access learning material and online databases to get infinite opportunities.

The institute is growing continuously in terms of courses, students, authoritativeness and reliability. They are doing great in the field and are treading new paths to do even better and provide a constructive learning environment to every student.

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