Jobs You Can Get After Doing a Master’s in International Business in the US


Masters in international business programs of American universities are very popular across the world to study in the USA. However, many students get worried by thinking that they won’t get a job after doing this course to study in the USA. But this is so not true. You can easily open doors to various work opportunities by doing this course in the country to study in the USA. Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing with you the different jobs you can get in the country after doing MS in international business to study in the USA.

Management Analyst

A management analyst helps an organization boosts its efficiency and find solutions to its operational problems. He helps his client in solving the operational issues in their organization. Moreover, he helps them in maximizing their business growth and performance. Apart from this, he helps them in developing skills in their enterprise that they might lack. However, to become a management analyst you must have stupendous research and critical thinking skills. On average, you can earn around USD 65,000 PA while working as a management analyst in the country. To learn about the best American universities for studying business management feel free to contact our overseas education consultants in Gurgaon.

Sales Manager

A sales manager helps an organization in selling its products & services and maximizing its profits. He set sales goals for an organization and leads its sales team for achieving them. Besides this, he builds sales plans, analyzes big data, and provides training to the sales team. Moreover, he also helps an organization in finding potential clients and new business opportunities. But to become a sales manager you must have strong strategic planning abilities. Additionally, you must also have good analysis and communication skills. On average, a sales manager can earn around USD 69,000 PA while working in the USA.

International Trader

International traders aka commodities traders provide advice to their clients regarding international trade/investment opportunities. Moreover, they assess their client’s financial abilities and provide them guidance. Besides this, they also help an organization in developing international business strategies. But to become an international trader you must have strong situation analysis skills. Additionally, you must be proficient in identifying and mitigating trade risks. On average an international trader can earn around 79,000 PA while working in the USA.

Financial Controller

A financial controller is a very important part of an organization. He manages everything that somehow relates to the financial reporting of an organization. Besides this, creates and manages the accounting system of an organization. Additionally, he processes & records financial transactions of an organization and finds methods for improving a firm’s financial reporting. But to become a financial controller you must have good leadership & team management skills. Moreover, you must also be proficient in strategic planning. On average, a financial controller can earn around USD 83,000 PA in the nation.


A mediator work with companies and individuals who struggle to reach an agreement on a difficult situation. He analysis the cause of conflicts and develop policies for solving the cause of conflicts. Additionally, he also helps the involved parties in understanding and implementing the solution. But to become a good mediator you must have good active listening and conflict resolution skills. On average a mediator can earn around USD 52,000 PA while working in the USA.

Business Development Manager

A business development manager helps an organization in growing itself and increasing its revenue. He combines strategic analysis with sales techniques for helping a firm in boosting its revenue. Besides this, he defines the strategic & business goals of an organization and establishes new partnerships. Additionally, he also helps an organization in negotiation/closing business deals. But to become a business development manager you must have a problem-solving mindset. Moreover, you must have good project management skills. On average, a business manager can earn around USD 72,000 PA while working in the country. To learn about the best American universities for learning about business development feel free to contact our abroad education consultants.


As you can see, there is no shortage of professional opportunities for students who study MS in international business in America. So, don’t worry and doubt that you won’t be able to get a decent job after doing MS in international business. You will be able to easily get a good job in the USA once you complete your MS in international business.

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