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How You Can Choose the Right Men’s Wallets | Leather’s Wallets

A person’s attire is of utmost value and a good outfit can leave a lasting impression. However, people mostly focus on the parts of attires that are visible to the viewers, and you don’t have to draw them out to showcase them. Shirts, pants, ties, belts, shoes, and even watches are the common things people usually check to be top-notch before leaving their houses. But one accessory that holds equal value in leveling up men’s style and is often overlooked is the wallet. If you play it right, wallets can be a game changer for your style.

When is the Right Time to Change Your Wallet? 

A man’s wallet is an essential part of their attire. You’ll hardly find a man who doesn’t keep a wallet. Not only are they a safe place for keeping your cash, but modern wallets are more spacious to accommodate all your debit/credit cards and business cards. You don’t need to open all drawers and documents looking for that one specific card, let your wallet be your one-stop for all cards.

The many new designs can be intriguing, but when should you go for a change in your wallet? Listed below are the conditions when you should consider changing your wallet:

Torn Wallets

Pretty much the obvious scenario since you don’t want to carry a torn-out wallet and see people’s smiles turn judgmental as soon as they lay eyes on your old deteriorating wallet.

black wallet

Wallet Has Lost Firmness 

Normal wallets lose firmness with time. If you have a low-quality wallet, it can lose its hardness in a matter of months. If your wallet has become soft, it is a signal to change it with a new one. You should opt for wallets of the highest quality that ensure durability.

Wallet Doesn’t Meet Your Needs Anymore 

Old-fashioned wallets can fail to fulfill your recent needs. Your old wallet might be good for cash storage but fail to provide space for your cards. If you find yourself looking for another wallet or pouch for your cards, it is a wake-up call to get a new wallet.

Lost Your Wallets

Some people might consider keeping their cash and cards directly in their pockets if they have lost their wallets. This can cause trouble as scattered cash and cards can easily get lost. Keep your valuables organized and safe and get a new wallet if you have lost one.

Tips to Choose the Right Wallets

While choosing the right gents wallet is some rocket science, there are certain things you should consider. After all, a good wallet would probably stay with you for several years. Additionally, there is a 90% chance that you’ll take your wallet out when you step out of your home, so you should pay some attention while choosing your wallet. The tips for choosing the right men’s wallets are listed as follows:

Choose the Right Size 

Size matters, especially when you are selecting a wallet for yourself. Modern wallets come in different sizes and some of them are big enough to accommodate your cash, bank and business cards, and receipts. However, you don’t want to end up with a wallet sticking out of your pocket as it can ruin your whole look. Know the size of your pockets and if you don’t usually carry many items in your wallet, go for a standard-sized men’s wallet.

brown wallet

Choose a Good Design 

Whether you head out to the store or shop for men’s wallets online, you’ll be surprised to see the designs and varieties available. We personally suggest you should invest in an urban men’s fashion brand’s high-quality wallet collection as they offer accessibility, modernism, and satisfaction. You can now choose a gents’ wallet that will surely turn heads. Keep your preferences and needs in mind, and you can choose your desired design and size from a versatile range, but our personal favorite is the Ten Pocket Classic – Dark Brown Wallet.

Hard Cash Carrier or Digital? 

This question can have an impact on your choice of gent’s wallet. The world is moving towards digitalization and people tend to keep debit or credit cards compared to hard cash. If this is the case with you then go for a wallet that assures the safety of your cards while still providing some space for currency notes. The triply terrific wallet or the dark majesty wallet comes with 16 card pockets and 4 main pockets. Consider all your cards safe and easy to find and if you want to carry some cash, these traveling buddies can help you with that too.

Wallets Material

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a wallet is checking the material. Anything you purchase, you want it to be durable and worth the money.  Your wallets are most likely to be used every day so the quality and material matter. While leathers remain the most popular type of material for gents’ wallets, there are other materials as well for you to consider. You need to make sure that you are not allergic to the material. Furthermore, some materials can cause health issues such as back problems if you sit on them for long periods. The carrier croc wallet and earthy resonance wallet are made of quality leather, and they fit nicely in your jacket’s breast pockets or your pant side pockets. This makes them safe, and you can expect a long life with the quality material used in their manufacturing.

mens wallet

Accommodation in a Wallets 

Another reason why you should always consider keeping a wallet on you is to keep important documents such as your driver’s license and ID cards. The documents can help you avoid any conflicts with the law and wallets such as the ten pocket classic – dark brown wallet and ten pocket classic – black wallet can easily accommodate all your documents while keeping your style in check.

Other than these, there are a few more things you can do to take care of your wallet like getting rid of all the unnecessary documents to lighten up your wallet. Try not to fit many items in a small wallet and go for a bigger one if you want to fit in more cards and documents.

This brings us to the end of our guide to choosing the right men’s wallet. While there are several wallet brands in Pakistan, FHS Official holds its ground as a trusted name for wallets and other accessories. A quality wallet lineup can go with both your formal and casual attire and the amount of work and dedication put into their production guarantees quality and durability. Plus, there’s nothing better than the smell of pure leather. Check out the FHS website for wallets and other men’s accessories to take your style to the next level.

Stay tuned for fashion guides and more.

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