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How To Write A Winning Creative Essay?

It is impossible for me to write a creative essay. Can anyone make my essay for me?” – Anna Richardson

This is not only with Anna. About 75% of students worldwide tend to feel the same way when asked to infuse creativity in their essays.

Regardless of whether you are writing a long-fiction, non-fiction, essay, or short story, at a certain point, there are increasing chances to face the challenge of creative writing. Undoubtedly, creative essay writing is a fun and rewarding craft. However, it doesn’t come easy.

Today’s article will walk you through certain actionable strategies that will help you nail your creative essays like a pro with ease. Have a look-

Be A Voracious Reader

If you have never picked a poem or novel to read and started writing an essay suddenly- your essays will undeniably turn out to be awful. Thus, it is always wise to read everything under the sun. Invest considerable time in reading contemporary short stories and poetry. Go through the plot-driven horror, character-driven works, and writings of contemporary writers. Emulate the style of your favourite author to craft exemplary essays of your own.

  • Use A Traditional Creative Structure

If the words of stalwarts who often cater to your ‘rate my paper’ requests are to go by, then creative pieces are dived into three acts- the setup, the confrontation, and the resolution. Try to implement the concept of traditional creative structures. Introduce the key players and the situation. Include a climax where the issue will be resolved and taken care of.

Start It Off Perfectly

It is crucial to start your paper off with a bang! This implies you need to provide your essay with such a remarkable opening that it captivates the attention of whoever reads it. This could be a description of something that occurred, a bold phrase, or profound and persuasive words. Your opening must scream ‘Keep reading!’ to the readers.

Use Metaphors

A metaphor is effective in any form of writing. While penning down your creative essays, use an analogy to help provide the readers with a clear and lucid image. The metaphors used must make them comprehend a concept you are trying to explain at a deeper level.

Whether you are writing an essay for your upcoming exams or specialising in literature, having these top-notch strategies up your sleeves will provide you with an upper edge in the long run. Implement these unique strategies to sail through your creative essay writing journey like a champion!

What is a creative essay, if not the way to express yourself? Crafting such a paper is a task that allows you to communicate your opinion and tell a story. However, even using your imagination to a great extent doesn’t free you from following academic writing rules. Don’t even get us started about other components of papers. With tools like research paper title page generators available, it only proves to be a serious business.


Delivering an exemplary creative essay that helps you become the apple of the professor’s eyes is no walk in the park. Thus, here we have walked you through actionable strategies that will help you turn your wheel of fortune with your creative essays.

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