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How to Unclog Shower Drain

Drains become clogged. It’s simply a fact of life when it comes to washing, rinsing, showering, and bathing. Hair, soap scum, and diamond rings (just kidding, hopefully) all gather in the drain, narrowing it and eventually clogging it up. The trick is to know how to unclog a drain properly while also preventing it from blocking up again.

How to Unclog Shower Drain

When we flush the toilet, it is not just our waste that goes down storm drains. The first job of a drain is to empty all water and soapy residue from sinks or showering into sanitary sewers before directing this mixture elsewhere- typically away from homes where they will end up depositing garbage at collection centers for processing by landfill operators.

Imagine the most elaborate trap in your house, one that can hold an entire lake of water and capture every last speckle. Now imagine all this plumbing without any fixtures or visible pipes-it would be too difficult for anyone but engineers! The sink’s drainage system is like some kind’a crazy hybrid between lakeside Lodgeania (the castle) complete with moat; it even has its own drawbridge to get past those pesky gates when you want access during construction time.

Here Is How I Unclog a Drain

You can make your own hook to remove clogs in the sink, but it’s not enough.
A small wire coat hanger is perfect for this job because its size allows you access into hard-to reach places that larger Metal Spoons don’t fit otherwise!

To clean your sink, start by fashioning a hook out of an old wire coat hanger.

This usually does the trick for shower drain clogs but isn’t strong enough in cases where you need more leverage or depth to reach into tight spaces below cabinets!

I twist a little snare toward one side and fish out as a significant part of the hairball or whatever is stopping up the channel as I can. Assuming it is the sink that is obstructed, I take out the plug and additionally the screen. Assuming it is the shower, I unscrew the floor plate, (being cautious that I don’t add to the stop up by dropping the screws down), and go fishing with my dependable snare. The stuff I catch is extremely, yucky, yet pulling it up by and large gets the job done and unclogs the channel right away. Remember to supplant anything that it was you eliminated to get entrance. That shower floor plate is critical to keep small kids from going down the channel and the screen in your kitchen sink keeps the flatware locked down and out of the filtration office.

Assuming the obstruct is mightier than the coat holder snare, I get out my handy dandy unclogger. I utilize a ball type, since I can never get the other kind to work anyplace aside from the cellar floor channel.

I stop up the flood with a wet cloth, fill the sink most of the way with warm water and plunge away. I utilize a firm stroke, ensuring the bundle of the unclogger is loaded up with water. I said firm, not scrappy, (no compelling reason to harm the lines or sink); with the plug or screen actually out.

The unclogger strategy generally works much better assuming that; I release the obstruct first with a business channel cleaner or a combination of baking pop, high temp water; and potentially vinegar prior to diving in. Attempt 1 cup of baking soft drink to 3 or 4 cups of heated water. Rehash assuming you want to and add some; vinegar as a chaser after 1 or 2 cups of high temp water. Then, at that point, wash with more high temp water.

Except if somebody has been utilizing the sink to blend mortar or concrete (ask me how I know); you should then have the option to clear the stop up with the unclogger; in the event that the obstruct has not currently been frightened off. Clearly, on the off chance that you utilize a business channel cleaner/opener, follow the bearings intently. That stuff can do mean things to your eyes, nose and throat.

When the obstruct is cleared; utilize the baking pop or business channel cleaner a few times; each month to keep your channels open and stop up free.

Is your shower drain clogged and you don’t know what to do? Acosta Plumbing Solutions is here to help! We will give you a few tips on how to unclog your shower drain without having to call a professional. Keep reading for more information.

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