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How to Repair PST Files When ScanPST Isn’t Working?

Corrupted PST files cause ‘Outlook not responding’ issues. ScanPST is the default ‘built-in’ tool to repair PST files, but its limitations cause users to get stuck. The limitations of ScanPST can be effectively overcome by using PST repair software, which our users can now download.

What should you do if “Scanpst is not responding?” When the email client stops responding or the PST file becomes corrupt, the need to repair the Outlook data file arises. Microsoft Outlook displays the following error message on the screen:

ScanPST is a free utility that was designed and developed to repair corrupt PST files. When using this tool, most users are at their wits’ end. Outlook’s built-in repair utility is unable to repair the PST file. Rather, it deletes the corrupt elements to restore the PST file to its original state. Corrupted folders are recreated from the ground up, with no user data. More information can be found by clicking on the link. In extreme cases, such as severe corruption, Scanpst is unable to restore the PST file and displays the following message:

“ScanPST does not respond” – What are the Reasons?

Some of the situations in which ScanPST does not respond or fails to repair Outlook data files and does not respond to the intended action are as follows:

  • Large in size.
  • Severely corrupted.
  • Networked and encrypted

Because ScanPST fails to repair corrupt PST files as intended, the user is unable to open the data file in Microsoft Outlook. Such corrupt PST files can be successfully repaired using PST repair software. One such tool is Repair for Outlook. This software has been recommended by Microsoft MVPs as an Outlook PST repair Software. Scanpst is an in-built utility in Microsoft Outlook that can help with PST repair issues. But, if “ScanPst is not responding,” we have a possible solution for all MS Outlook users.

How to Repair PST Files Using Repair for Outlook

In three steps, the software can repair and recover PST data:

Select corrupt PST–>Scan and repair PST–>Save repaired PST

Why Should You Use Repair for Outlook to Repair PST Files?

There are numerous reasons to use an Outlook PST repair tool. They are as follows:

  • The software, unlike ScanPST, does not delete any corrupt elements. It restores the entire PST file.
  • The time-consuming ScanPST procedure has been replaced by an instant 3-step recovery of mailbox data.
  • The software efficiently repairs large PST files with no size restriction. It reconstructs mailbox data with perfect precision.
  • The tool also reduces the possibility of corruption by reducing the size of the PST file via split and compact functionality.
  • Unlike ScanPST, the software’s scan engine repairs severely corrupted PST files and extracts all PST data—emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and so on.
  • The software previews mailbox data to assist users in verifying and selecting items for saving in PST or other formats.
  • The software can also extract mailbox data from password-protected and encrypted PST files without the use of a password.
  • Because the software supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook, it is simple to repair the PST file of any version without performing any preliminary checks.
  • The software facilitates file recovery and enables users to recover PST data at their own pace and convenience. Saves the scanned results in a convenient location and allows you to restart the repair process at any time.


PCVITA Repair PST Files is a specialized software tool for the effective and efficient repair of corrupt PST files, unlike ScanPST. Its Outlook-like interface provides a simple and intuitive experience for effortless PST file repair, with no prior training or expertise required.

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