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How To Prepare For Your First Cool Sculpting Treatment

Among the best and most effective ways to remove stubborn fat cells in your body is a treatment called Cool Sculpting. This process works very well without having to undergo any surgical procedures. This is the reason why many people prefer this fat reduction procedure. But before undergoing the best Cool Sculpting Los Angeles procedure, there are several things you need to prepare yourself. Read on to know what is expected of you before a Cool Sculpting procedure.

What is Cool Sculpting Treatment?

Before we explain to you the preparations necessary for the Cool Sculpting procedure, let’s consider those who don’t know anything about Cool Sculpting. Cool Sculpting is a treatment that works by removing stubborn fat cells in the body. Sometimes, the body accumulates fat cells in certain areas where it becomes hard to get rid of. These fat cells won’t barge no matter what you do. You can exercise the whole day or maintain a balanced diet, but they will just remain put.

That is where the best Cool Sculpting Los Angeles fat removal procedure comes in. The treatment works by targeting fat cells in parts of the body that are hard to remove. These include the tummy, below the chin, around the arm, and highs and around the neck. Cool Sculpting works very well in removing fat cells without surgery. Unlike other procedures that cause pain and discomfort, such as the liposuction or tummy tuck procedures, Cool Sculpting is a noninvasive procedure.

How Cool Sculpting works 

The Cool Sculpting device will target areas with stubborn fat by freezing the fat cells. This will kill all the fat cells that refuse to melt away. Once these fat cells are frozen, they are flashed out through the body’s digestive system. The machine produces very low temperatures to freeze the fat cells. One unique aspect about the best Cool Sculpting Los Angeles procedure is that it only targets fat cells without harming other body tissue. Once you have undergone the Cool Sculpting procedure, you will have to wait for days for the procedure to work. Killing and disposing all the fat cells requires time.

If you have fat and have tried various ways to remove stubborn fat cells and nothing seems to work, Cool Sculpting will produce effective results. You will, however, need to prepare yourself before undergoing the Cool Sculpting procedure. Let’s see what you need to do before a Cool Sculpting procedure.

What to do before a Cool Sculpting procedure

Preparing for the Cool Sculpting procedure requires the patient to do or avoid certain things. You require to follow the doctor’s instructions carefully if you want to have a comfortable experience during the procedure. 

1. Avoid blood thinning medications and supplements. 

When you are about to undergo a Cool Sculpting procedure, the doctor will ask you to stop taking supplements or blood thinning drugs. These drugs include aspirin, fish oil, and ibuprofen. Using these medicines makes your blood hard to clot and may result in internal bleeding during or after the fat removal procedure. Other herbal supplements that may also thin the blood include ginger and turmeric. These drugs should be avoided days before the Cool Sculpting procedure. Blood thinners also increase the risk of body bruising during the procedure. 

2. Avoid smoking 

If you smoke cigarettes, the doctor will instruct you to stop smoking one week before undergoing the Cool Sculpting procedure. Smoking will impact the procedure negatively because it slows down the healing process. This will increase the recovery period and delay results. 

3. Protect your skin 

During the Cool Sculpting procedure, the doctor will use the Cool Sculpting device to massage or suction the treatment area. Days before the treatment, you will need to protect your body from injuries that can damage the skin. If there are any cuts and injuries in the treatment area, the doctor will have to postpone the procedure until you heal. 

4. Avoid direct exposure to the sun. 

Days before the Cool Sculpting procedure, the doctor will ask you to avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight. If you are going to walk in the sun, then you need to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. Your skin will become sensitive due to tanning. This may cause some discomfort during the procedure. 

5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle 

You will heal quicker if your body weight is within a normal range. You will also get more effective results from the procedure. It is therefore important to ensure that you take good care of your body before and after the Cool Sculpting procedure. 


If you are uncomfortable with the hanging body fat in some areas of your body, you need a treatment like Cool Sculpting to get rid of it. Fat cells often accumulate in certain areas of the body. The Cool Sculpting procedure involves targeting these fat cells by exposing them to very low temperatures. This is done to kill the fat cells. Proper preparation is needed to get the best results. Follow all the instructions from your doctor, and you will get the best results from the Cool Sculpting procedure. 

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