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How to fix Malwarebytes Sync Error

Malwarebytes is a popular security program that offers numerous tools for device protection. When you install a free Malwarebytes setup, you can use all basic security tools. For internet security, Malwarebytes offers paid plans. These tools allow the user to access the device and data securely. But few users get the Mawlarebtes Sync Error. To prevent any threat, the user must repair the Malwarebytes program immediately.

Common Reasons Behind Malwarebytes Sync Error

  1. Some Malwarebytes program files are missing
  2. Malwarebytes registry files are not working
  3. Your setup is outdated
  4. Another antivirus is conflicting with Malwarebytes setup
  5. Incompatible Malwarebytes program

Troubleshooting Malwarebytes Sync Error

Restart your Computer

When working on a PC, if Malwarebytes is showing a sync error then try restarting the device. Sync error mainly appears when the program can’t fetch the required files. To fix this, restart the device. When all functions will start from the beginning, your Malwarebytes will start working correctly.

Check Malwarebytes Setup Requirements

When the sync error is appearing during installation and Malwarebytes popup won’t go away then check for resource requirements. Sometimes, the user only checks the OS for installation. However, Malwarebytes setup also requires other resources like processor, RAM, disc space. When the device specification doesn’t match with setup requirements; the antivirus will show errors. Install a compatible setup and scan the device for malware infection. 

Update your Malwarebytes Setup

Antivirus can start showing sync errors when the setup is outdated. The user must update the antivirus on time to prevent issues. Go to the computer and open your Malwarebytes setup. Choose the Update button and now wait. After updating the antivirus setup, restart the device and now check for the sync error.

Check Malwarebytes Registry Files 

You can often get errors when some registry files are not working. Without these files, Mawlarbeytes can’t find the required files and shows sync error. The user has to repair the Mawlarbeytes related registry files. But for repairing these files, you need deep technical knowledge. If you can’t fix those files, ask for help. But when you know the steps, create backup keys for Malwarebytes to prevent any error.

Go to the device and run the Regedit command. PC’s registry editor will appear. Check for all the Malwarebytes-related registry files on the editor. Copy those keys with the .reg extension for creating the backup. Now go to the editor and repair all corrupted Malwarebytes registry files. Restart the computer and run the scan tool of your antivirus. 

Remove Another Antivirus from your PC

When your Malwarebytes shows a sync error, check for another security program on PC. Sometimes, the error appears when another security program is conflicting with your setup. Your Malwarebytes setup is different as it allows you to run another security program simultaneously.

But you can get the error when you are running the same service on both antivirus programs. After installing another security program, you have to make changes to the Malwarebytes setup. But if your Malwarebytes is showing an error after making changes then remove another security program. Go to the Apps folder and then remove another antivirus program. Now run the Malwarebytes anti-malware reliably.

Remove Conflicting Program

Few users get the sync error with Malwarebytes when they are running a particular program. The error is appearing due to the conflicting program. When you run the program, it starts interrupting your Malwarebytes program files. These errors appear with third-party programs. People sometimes install third-party programs as they are free to access. But some of these programs carry malicious threats.

When you run the program, they start conflicting with your Malwarebytes setup. The user should remove the conflicting program from the device. On Apps, click on the program and tap on the Uninstall button. After uninstalling it, your Malwarebytes program will run reliably on the device.

Revert the Recent Changes on the Device

If you are getting the Malwarebytes sync error after making changes on settings then undo them. You are getting the error due to an invalid program or security changes on the device. To fix this, undo all your recent changes.

The user can undo those changes if he remembers the default settings. Otherwise, check for the restoring point. Choose the restoring point and then undo the changes. After restoring the correct setting, Malwarebytes will start running without any error.

When no solution is working on the Malwarebytes error then reinstall the program. The error is appearing due to missing setup files. You should reinstall the setup and then run the antivirus. While uninstalling, remove all the related files. Now, install a new Malwarebytes setup and use the program reliably. 


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