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How to Convert Image to BMP Format? – Ideal Solution

Overview: Are you looking for a way to convert image to BMP format? If yes, then you are viewing the right web page. In this article, we’ll use a professional solution of tools so that you can deliver your solution all in one place. We’re going to go into detail on how to export images quickly and instantly.

Learn About BMP File

Bitmap (BMP) is an image file format that can be used to create and save computer graphics. A bitmap file displays tiny dots in a pattern that, when viewed from a distance, creates the overall image. A bitmap image is a grid of rows and columns where blank or fill values are assigned to specific cells, creating an image from the data.

Why Need to Image to BMP Format

  • Each BMP is device independent, which means it can be stored and displayed on different devices and screens without losing quality.
  • It can handle a wide range of color depths, profiles, and alpha channels. It can also support data compression.
  • BMP is supported by many web browsers and software types. Adobe Photoshop is the only image editing program that supports this file format.
  • The BMP file format supports multiple color depths, alpha channels, color profiles, and optional data compression, and is therefore relatively versatile.
  • A variety of software or applications support this format, from standard image viewers and web browsers to editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.
  • Uncompressed BMP files are very easy to read. Not because other compressed image file formats are compressed and difficult to compress.

Automatic Way to Convert Image to BMP Format

Image File Converter is the best application to save images in BMP format. The Tool comes with a simple & consistent interface panel. Anyone can easily use this utility without any technical guide. It allows converting images into various file formats. The option to convert multiple images to BMP files allows the user to change the page layout settings that manage the margin size and paper orientation as per the user’s convenience. After compressing an image, the tool ensures that the image quality is not compromised. This utility is a standalone application and no external installation is required for the conversion process. This program has no file size limit. You can download the solution now on your Windows computer.

Note: If you want to evaluate the performance of the tool, So download the free demo version of the software. It allows converting the first 5 of each image to the chosen format. For further unlimited conversion,  then purchase a license key for the product.

Working Steps to Convert Image to BMP Format

Since there is no manual or direct way to convert image files to BMP. You have to search for an automatic Tool. The operation of the conversion tool is described below.

  • Download and Install Image Converter Tool

Download Software

  • Choose Add File or Add Folder button

choose add file or folder

  • Choose BMP from the drop-down export options

Choose bmp

  • You can also resize the image by changing the height and width in pixels.

Choose Size

  • Click the [Convert] button to start converting the image to BMP

start process


Finally, we can say that with the right strategy it is possible to organize your converted images in BMP format. The above blog explains the detailed method to save image files as BMP. We recommend everyone to use this application for professional work.  It is reliable, cost-effective and works smoothly. Download it today to reap its benefits! The application is completely free from viruses or malware attacks. For information or questions, contact our technical support.

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