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Hair Loss and Nutritional Deficiency

How can hair loss get negatively impacted due to nutritional deficiency?

Did you know?

Hair cells are the 2nd fastest-growing cells in the body. There are around 1,20,000 hairs on the scalp and need necessary nourishment for hair growth. But, it is not a vital organ or tissue, so it isn’t easy to prioritize all the essential nutritional needs. So, does it mean nutritional deficiency can affect hair health? Let’s understand the same in the given topic.


Important Note!

If your hair loss has started to worsen with time, make sure to seek medical assistance at the earliest. With the Hair Transplant in Vizag, you will be given a customized treatment plan for managing your condition most effectively.

Nutritional deficiency can affect hair structure & hair growth

Considering the situation, you must take prompt measures on how you can get your healthy level managed in the body.

What are the causes?

  • Diffuse alopecia is noticed in those who have a niacin deficiency.
  • Vitamin C, D, & E iron deficiency.
  • A sudden change in calorie intake will impact the blood flow to the scalp.
  • The necessary change will begin to affect hair quality & there will be increased hair shedding.
  • When there is not enough protein in the hair follicles, it will result in excessive hair shedding & hair loss.
  • Biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss & hair thinning.

Are you looking for a permanent solution for hair loss?

Hair Transplant in Kakinada is one of the ultimate choices to save hair locks. This advanced treatment plan will give you results that are not just permanent, but the hair growth is natural.

What are the dietary tips to prevent hair loss?

  • Have a healthy breakfast

You should have a balanced & nutritious meal. Make sure the intake of complex carbohydrates and proteins is balanced. By doing so, the body will get the nutritional boost it needs.

  • Increase water intake

Have a water intake of around 1.5 to 2 liters in a day. Adequate water intake will help the body’s activity levels to be in place.

  • Eat a wholesome food

Your body needs the right amount of energy & that is not only possible when you have the right amount of carbohydrates like vegetables, fruit, wholesome bread & crackers.

  • Have the right amount of protein-rich food

Make sure to have protein-rich food in the right amount like eggs, beans, tofu, lean meat, fish, legumes, and nuts.

Apart from these, include dairy products in the right amount like calcium. But, if you have conditions like dandruff, dairy, eczema, or psoriasis, it will worsen the condition. You have to be cautious about which food options you include in your diet and whether it’s in the right amount.

Schedule initial consultation with the doctor

If you are worried about your hair health &, till now, no treatment has helped you, then schedule an initial consultation with the known hair restoration surgeon to address the situation effectively. If you are looking for a hair expert, then Dr. C Vijay Kumar is one of the available doctors you can trust to get a personalized solution for your condition.

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