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Guide to buying Saffron

Find out what are the main characteristics to buy a good Saffraan kopen. Where it comes from, why it is priced so high, and how to spot fraud.

Where does saffron come from?

Saffron is a spice that is obtained from the traditionally called “Saffron Rose” and is technically known as Crocus Sativus Linnaeus, it is a lilac flower with red stigmas and yellow stamens. The saffron rose is a sterile flower, since it is a hybrid that has been maintained for centuries due to the value of its stigmas. The reproduction of this plant is carried out by bulbs. Each saffron flower has three saffron stigmas, commonly called strands and which are shaped like an elongated, deep red trumpet. Spain and Iran cover 80% of world production, although there are also other producing countries such as Greece. In Spain most of the production comes from Castilla La Mancha.

Why is saffron so expensive?

Saffron requires a great deal of work to produce. The best saffron you can buy is the one in threads. Each crocus flower only has three threads or stigmas. At the top of each thread or stigma we find a tassel that can weigh more than the thread itself. According to some experts, lower-quality saffron often has these tassels mixed in with the threads as they add weight. However, if the packer is trustworthy, we can use the powdered saffron with full quality guarantee.The reason for the high price of saffron is that to produce a single kilogram, 85,000 flowers or 400,000 stigmas are needed, in addition to the intense work involved in collecting and selecting the strands.

Can there be fraud in saffron?

In some countries it may be the case of finding saffron made with a plant called Safflower that is very similar. The color of Saffraan kopen is the first key to its quality. It must be of a deep and uniform red color and its strands must be brittle. It should not have a musty odor and its characteristic aroma should be clearly identifiable. The degree of humidity is very important. Good producers keep it in wooden trunks lined with a metal sheet inside, keeping them away from cold, heat and, especially, humidity. For more info Click here Saffraan kopen

In what types of foods is saffron mostly used?

Saffron is commonly used in many Asian dishes, as well as in various types of fish and rice. It is the backbone of a French bouillabaisse. The best Spanish chefs and cooks consider it absolutely necessary in the preparation of paella and all kinds of rice dishes, such as those made in the interior of Alicante; rice with rabbit and snails, arroz a banda, rice with vegetables … It can also be used in soups, broths and infusions. In addition, we also recommend you read our post about its medical virtues.

What crocuses does Spice-te recommend?

Our selection of crocuses covers the best brands on the market with a total guarantee of quality. If you want an individual and hermetic container, the Saffron from Chef María José San Román effectively preserves its high quality and aroma. If you want to try one of the best saffrons in the world, with a totally innovative drying process, try Saffron Pina, which is the only producer-packer in the world that uses freeze-drying instead of traditional drying, which makes the aroma and taste of this limited production of saffron is one of the best in the world every year. But you will also find unbeatable quality in the Zafferania, Pote, Sabater, and La Barraca brands.

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