Gojek Clone App – A Quick Guide To Launch A Dynamic Home Service App

As individuals, we are quite skeptical about certain things. Messy rooms, incomplete tasks, dirty surfaces are something that we do not like to see at all. The situation worsens when we do not get enough time to clear them out as we are already piled up with a lot of work. The only solution to all these chores is a home service app. 

The global on-demand home service app is forecasted to reach USD 1,574.86 billion by 2024. The lucrative nature of these apps is attracting budding entrepreneurs to extend their focus on venturing into the on-demand app market. 

How Are On-Demand Home Service Apps Helping Out People Largely?

Mobile apps are the modern-day genie that helps us get things at doorsteps in magical moments. The speed and accuracy in delivering services are what make people rely on these apps. Let’s see how these apps are doing wonders in every household chores,

  • Convenience is the prime factor that is pulling customers towards on-demand services. 
  • All the major house-related services are listed in a single platform which makes it convenient for users to avail themselves easily. 
  • The app lists all the service providers along with their ratings so that the users can book them accordingly.
  • The home service apps provide services at affordable prices, which is the winning factor that attracts a large number of users. 
  • When it comes to payment, they provide flexible payment options so that the users can pay their fees effortlessly. 
  • Finding professionals for home-related services is a big challenge that people face often. But this problem is addressed by the app and offers services in the blink of an eye. 
  • The users are free to communicate with their service providers through the app. This gives them even more comfort in knowing about the services. 

Well, this blog will take you down the lane of developing a dynamic Gojek clone app for home services. Keep scrolling to reach out to the content. 

Perks Of Owning A Home Service App For Entrepreneurs And Service Providers 

Brick and mortar businesses will no longer be a standard idea for starting businesses. The online forum gives a perfect platform for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses on a larger scale. Here are some of the perks of establishing an on-demand home service app. 

Enhances the brand visibility

Mobile apps enhance the visibility of your business and help you in attracting more customers to your app. Along with retaining loyal customers, you should also focus on gaining new customers. This will help you scale your business to greater heights. 


Apps are the best marketing tool that can help you build your business. They remain a gateway through which the users can get to know all about your services, the availability of service providers, and the fee. Do you think you need any other marketing tools other than this to market your business? 

Brand awareness

Building your brand image is something that is highly needed at this moment. A mobile app plays a major role in propagating brand value among people. 

Customer relationship management

Mobile apps provide an opportunity for customers to express their reviews and ratings on the app. So, this gives them a sense of trust that their queries have been heard by the app. With this belief from their space, you can develop your business efficiently. 

Business Models To Adopt For Your On-Demand Home Service App 

Before you launch home service app, it is important to understand the revenue-generating streams pinned up. Following are some of the business models that you can adopt for your home service app,

Transaction model 

In the transaction model, the business will take a percentage from each transaction. This is a high revenue generating model. When the transactions are more, the revenue will also increase simultaneously. 

Subscription model 

The services that do not require one-time fee payment will be included in the list. For example, services like house cleaning and painting will go on for a month. The professionals will be paid per month or week. Moreover, this type of model is highly impressed by the service providers as the possibility for retaining customers is high in this model. 

Lead-based model 

This model is quite different from the previous models. When the customers post a service request in the app, the service providers will bid by giving their quotation in the app. The users can go through the quotes and finalize their service providers effectively. 

Full-stack model 

The home service companies will largely depend on their own service providers in scheduling the tasks. Instead of partnering with outside workers or freelancers, they will have their own team of professionals. This model is beneficial only if the company has a large network of professionals. 

Wrapping Up,

The blog would have given you insights into the various business models involved in the home service app development. Once you finalize the business model for your Gojek clone app, you can proceed to find your app development company. Choosing a pre-built solution will help you develop your business effortlessly!

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