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Are you looking for class help online to do well in your online classes? Well, you are not alone! Almost every student is searching for an educational blog to do my class online.


Education is constantly evolving. Every day we hear about a new technology that will change the way we live. Now with classes shifting to online learning, we are learning more about educational technology.


These rapid changes in technology help us improve education as well, especially now when teachers and students are looking for the best program, devices, and programs in their respective fields online.


Fortunately, Rather than asking someone to do my class online, you should read about these bloggers to learn more about technological advances and their uses. 


If you are curious to know more about those blogs, you are at the right place. In this post, we will discuss some of our favourite EdTech blogs. Therefore, make sure to read it till the very end.


Best Educational Technology Blogs

Below are some of the most popular education technology blogs that help to improve online teaching as well:

The Innovative Educator

If you feel like your school or colleges are irrelevant or boring and you need further class help online, the Innovative Educator, Lisa Nielson, completely understands how you might feel. Nielsen aims to show other educators various ways they can use all the available resources and technology to make classes for students more engaging. 


She was motivated to do so by her own disappointment with the way schools approach teaching.


She not only deals with ideas about technology in a classroom but also nitty-gritty insights and details of implementation. This way teachers can use her ideas without struggling.

The Daring Librarian

Rather than asking someone to do my class help online, you should try following this blog. The Daring Librarian is written by Gwyneth Jones, who knows that even librarians can have loads of fun. 


She has a very different approach to Ed-tech which is by adding a flavor of humor into it with the addition of vines and cartoons to visualize her stories.


Jones writes her blogs to entertain as well as to inform others. In addition, she provides countless content on new apps and ideas on how you can use them every day to improve your learning opportunities. Not only this, but they are also a good way to listen to fun stories.

EdTech Round Up

EdTech Round Up is one of the best places to get class help online as you get to know about the latest news related to all education tech.


The detailed coverage of news and newly released devices and apps allow you to find out all the latest happenings on just one website every week.


While you think this blog does not have as many original ideas as some of the other blogs, the Round Up helps in providing the place to keep you up to date with the progress in this field.

Mind Shift

Are you tired or bored of reading the same news and ideas over and over again just in different wording on various blogs? If you said yes, then you need to head over to Mind Shift for something different. 


Mind shift will open your eyes to completely new ideas as it focuses on quite edgier topics when it comes to the educational technology field.


With its vast scope and complete dedication to sharing all opinions on education, Mind Shift gives its readers plenty of topics to talk about with their friends and colleagues.

Free Technology 4 Teachers

While innovative ideas are great, implementation remains the biggest hurdle for many instructors. 


What makes it more difficult to utilize technology in classes is none other than the lack of tools and resources that plagues various schools.


It is an issue that Free Technology 4 Teachers’ author Richard Byrne addresses in his blog. 


Byrne’s well organized website is a treasure bundle consisting of free software, apps, software, graphics, and video that instructors can use in their classrooms right away. 


The guidelines are extremely clear and practical that Byrne gives which even the least tech-savvy instructor can use easily.

Cycles of Learning

Do you like a good life hack? If you said yes, then you should read Cycles of Learning. In which, Ramsay Musallam realised how useful tricks and hacks can be in classrooms. 


Thus, he came up with Cycles of Learning in order to share practical Ed tech hacks to help make teachers’ lives quite easier.


You would not be able to get enough of Musallam’s content, once you watch his TED Talk about sparking learning. 


Musallam tries to show their reader that even things like learning can easily be hacked. All you need to do is focus on simple ways to motivate real learning amongst students by using technology in the class.


Edutopia has numerous well-indexed information on how teachers can use technology in classrooms. 


Since the information and details are filed by topic and age group, instructors can get practical ideas that are relevant to the current curriculum without pondering over various ideas that may not work for individual situations.


With countless fun quizzes and videos, Edutopia is a fun place to read and surf at even if you are not searching for anything specific. 


However, make sure you click on the “Trending Topics” section in order to read the hottest and trendiest topics that are currently present in education technology.

Steve Hargadon

Do not let the simple design of Steve Hargadon fool you because it provides countless information on educational technologies. 


Hargadon is a renowned EdTech leader, who hosted the Future of education interview series. Not only this, but he is also the chair of the Social Learning Summit, and co-chair of the Library 2.0 worldwide conferences. 


You can be completely assured that when you read Steve Hargadon’s blog it will give you plenty of practical ideas as he is one of the best experts on educational technology.


While the world of education is expanding and it can be difficult to know everything, it is now possible thanks to edtech blogs. Now you know various EdTech blogs that you can read weekly to stay up to date regarding educational technology and online class blogs.


Author Bio:

James Cordon has an ongoing affair with the words that capture readers’ attention. His passion for writing dates back to his pre-blogging days. He loves to share his thoughts related to education technology and business.

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