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Different Services Offered by Sexual Health Clinics in London

When you test for sexually transmitted infections at the genitourinary medicine or GUM clinic, you need to book an appointment at the private sexual health clinic. Due to higher demand for sexual health clinics, some of them leave you with no choices than detecting the symptoms of STI as early as possible. You might get worried and be lost about what you need to do next. The private sexual health services may help to address the concerns related to STI discreetly and sooner.

 Sexual health clinics offer an extensive range of services that include sexual health tests and other sexual health services in London. There are necessary tests for sexually transmitted diseases too which is the common reason for people using the services. But they also give advice and information related to pregnancy and contraception. As all clinics do not provide every service though the private sexual health clinics in London offer these following services:

  • Tests and treatments for different sexually transmitted diseases or STDs
  • Proper advice and information about your sexual health
  • Condoms for free
  • Emergency contraception
  • Pregnancy tests
  • HIV counseling and testing
  • Post-exposure Prophylaxis or PEP which is a medication to prevent people from developing HIV advice on abortion services
  • Hepatitis B vaccination
  • Help and support for people related to sexual assault
  • Specialist referral

Sexual health clinics are also called GUM clinics or Genitourinary Medicine or SRH services which means Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Who uses a sexual health clinic?


It is important to check for the services offered by the clinics before you attend one. Some clinic provides pre-booked appointments while others offer same day appointment only. Anyone can use a sexual health clinic and these sessions are for specific people such as youngsters, gay and lesbians. There should be facilities for people who experience difficulties in learning and physical disabilities. All these services are completely confidential and for free.


Your STI test is completely unknown

 With the help of private testing, you will have full control over your sexual health and complete anonymity. You do not have to fill out any forms and there won’t be endless questions about your sexual history. You may avoid the awkwardness of sitting at the GUM clinic waiting room with others and all will know what you have been there for. The doctor may ask you some incident related to your past health condition. This will help you in choosing the right STI test or screening that fulfills your requirements.

You may not have to test for everything at a GUM clinic

 Your healthcare provider at the reputed clinic may not conduct test for some sexually transmitted infections.  For example, conducting test for cold sores will help to determine whether herpes is the cause which the GUM clinic does not provide. Private STI testing offers a wide range of tests and screenings which can provide a complete view of your sexual health. You can decide which STIS to test for and there should be symptoms before taking the sample.


It might be weeks till you test yourself

 When it is related to some problems with your sexual health, the earlier it gets detected, the sooner you may start with the treatment and avoid further health problems. The private sexual health clinics offer same-day or next-day appointments, but there are some clinics that remain open on Saturday and Sunday. So, you may arrange for your confidential STI test around the busy schedule and for a date and time according to your convenience.


Results of GUM clinic might require between one to two weeks

There are some cases when you might find that the longer it requires for obtaining the test results, the more it affects your mental well-being. Sometimes, the results from a GUM clinic may be somewhere between one to two weeks for reporting back to you. When you conduct necessary tests at a private STI clinic, some testing options allow for obtaining the results between at least 1 to say, 5 working days. This is usually done after the samples arrive at the laboratory for testing. Some testing options are there at the sexual health clinics that report STI results within ten minutes after collecting your samples. This depends on the test you need to perform. 


You need to visit a private sexual health clinic in London to conduct necessary tests and know if you are having any STIs. There is more information available on our website and you need to go through them properly. This will enable to get more information about different sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Talk to your doctor and know which tests are necessary for your sexual health. This way, you and your partner can protect each other from getting STIs in future and enjoy safer sex.

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