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Different menstrual products and the freedom of choice- Are the whispers heard?

You might think that the situation for women in society has become simpler. Period-related stereotypes are rudimentary now, and women can freely express their opinion of menstruation. On renowned forums, why not! But, when it comes to the part where women try to talk about their periods. With their friends or family, they are shunned by shame.

With the growing popularity of different menstrual products and diversification of choices. The shaming of women who menstruate because of their product choice has also increased. For example, if you choose reusable period cups, you are too progressive for society. On the other hand, if you are sticking with the same old sanitary products. You are condemned for disposing of the products in the male gaze. 

Why the period product anxiety?

For one, women are still considered to be sugar, ice, and everything nice. Imagining that women bleed for days every month doesn’t simply go with the image. So, people out there will tend to ignore it. Secondly, the notions regarding period products and menstruation being embarrassing are deep-rooted which have been passed down since time immemorial.

The hierarchical norms, rituals, and cultures about treating menstruating women in a certain way have created the rift between normal periods and menses, being an intimidating topic out of the blue.

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What can be done? 

What do you do when you want to talk about your menstrual health or any other period-related issue when someone is there? YOU WHISPER! Particularly, when you see any men at a hearing distance, you try to keep your voice as much down as possible. Let us tell you one thing: Men need to know about menstruation.

Even more than women, men need to be aware of what periods are, how they are managed, what female sanitary products are and how menstruating women can be more comfortable. Please talk about your periods like they are normal. Don’t buy female hygiene products like you are getting meth from your drug dealer. Stop pretending that you don’t get your monthly cycle like every other woman on the planet. 

Going eco-friendly

Of course, every menstruating woman should have the freedom to choose her preferred options for periods. But selecting an environmentally suitable product has become the need of the hour.

With landfill waste piling in a humongous way on the face of the Earth. It has become imperative for women to think from the ecologic, organic, and safety point of view. Switching to a reusable period cup can be an excellent way to sustain your period woes.

At first, it might be daunting to get the hang of menstrual cups, but you can search for tutorials on inserting a menstrual cup for beginners. Talk about the benefits of menstrual cups, spread awareness about menstrual hygiene. Forget about the shame taxed with the period hygiene products.

Menstruation is a bodily phenomenon, so there should be no shame in talking about inserting a menstrual cup for beginners or talking about menstrual health. Stay aware, stay happy!

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