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Cosmetic Surgery: Learn About The Types Of Scars

Understand And Treat Your Specific Scars With Cosmetic Surgery Having a scar is not bad if it is small, but the bigger can sometimes be hard to be treated.

Skin is an organ that is like silk; one small tear and the whole appearance of the work can change. Having Scar on it can be that tear for you. Sacr can be caused by any burn, trauma, injury, or surgery, and it can easily be rectified. However, one that you can not see might be a little too hard to treat.

People often hide those large and hideous scars with cloth, but did you know there are some other ways you can hide them?

Disclaimer: no scars can be removed entirely, but with the help of Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag, the surgeon can change its appearance or reduce its size.

How Does Scarring Happen?

There are many ways one would have a scar; it is a natural process of healing an injury-affected area caused by any reason, including surgery, trauma, or accidents.

The size, depth, cut, and location of the Scar plays a significant role in the speed of recovery from the Scar. Apart from that, your age, medical conditions, and gender also impact the healing process.

Types Of Scar

  • Keloid scars

It generally happens after an injury and stays beyond it. Basically, it is a result of aggressive marks from the healing process. With time if not treated, it could hinder doing movements. If you want to treat your Keloid scars, you can opt for surgery, silicone sheets, or steroid injections to flatten the Scar. However, you can treat your more minor keloid scars with the help of cryotherapy- it is a freezing therapy with the use of liquid nitrogen. It is a common scaring problem seen in the dark skin tone people.

  • Contracture scars

This type of Scar happens when your skin is burned. In Contracture scars, the skin usually tightens up, making the movement very limited. If you do not treat your contracture scar, it might have a more severe effect on your muscle and nerves. With the help of a Cosmetic Surgeon in Vizag, treat your scars with surgery and do not worry about any kind of side effects it might leave in your body.

  • Hypertrophic scars

It is somewhat similar to keloids scars, although, in Hypertrophic scars, it does not go beyond the injury. It is typically a red raised scar that the doctor could treat easily- either with steroids, injection to reduce the soreness, or silicone sheets, which helps in flattening the scars.

  • Acne Scars

You can easily prove your severe acne with the scars that are left behind. Acne scars vary in appearance; there are many different types of spots left behind by acne, including wavelike or angular scars or deep pits scars. Your treatment to get rid of the scars depends on your acne type.

An Expert Advice To Treat Your Scars

Although you could easily eliminate most of the marks with the help of over-the-counter medicines, the deeper one would require a skilled hand that you could get in VjCosmetology Clinics.

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