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Best Project Management Tools for 2022

Project management tools make your life easy like Cheap assignment writing services Uk do. Back on track, so, not every project just requires correction or order. Major projects need evaluation, objectification, quantification, analysis, and segregating delegate tasks. Managing tasks properly, alerting if any trouble appears, or notifying if any steps are missed to perform. 

Since you are here you must be looking for a perfect project manager and dozens exist. It is not easy to find what suits you the best in those. By the end of this post, you will get to know what is beneficial, worth your time, essential for your projects, and could be the Project Management Assignment Help you have been looking for.


Let’s dig into the best project management softwares!

  • Trello-

Trello is a popular online project management solution with built-in collaborative features for working with groups. It’s simple to put up, lightweight, and straightforward to operate. It uses boards, lists, and cards to create tasks and keep track of them. Users can collaborate, share files, and leave comments on the cards.

This app still requires reporting and time-tracking functionality. It’s best for people or small groups who need to manage a modest number of tasks at the same time. There is a need for reporting and time-tracking functionality. It’s best for people or small groups who need to manage a modest number of tasks at the same time.

Trello offers the basic plan for completely free to use. Paid plans come with features like automation, integrations, and priority support.

  • ZOHO- 

The very popular tool that helps businesses manage tasks, collaborate, track issues and create simple reports. The online project management tool includes features such as Gantt charts and the ability to spend hours on multiple projects at the same time. In addition to real-time chat and discussion boards, Zoho Projects includes a complete collection of communication features.

Many users, however, have claimed that the Gantt charts are difficult to use and that the reporting breakdown for large groups is insufficient. It also has a feature where you can share documents within the software tool.

When it comes to pricing Zoho offers several different packages as listed below:

  • There is a perpetually free version with limited features and users.
  • Custom statuses and problem tracking are included in the $3 Standard plan. It can accommodate up to ten users.
  • And the Express plan costs $4 per month and allows for up to 50 users. Gantt charts, recurring tasks, and timesheet approvals are all provided.
  • Their Premium plan costs $5 per month and allows for up to 100 members. Task automation, business rules, resource management, and budgeting are all part of the package.
  • Then they have an Enterprise plan that costs $6 per month and has no limit on how many users can be added. Some of the features include custom roles, global Gantt charts, and inter-project interdependence. 
  • ProofHub- 

ProofHub brings together task lists, processes, Gantt charts, chats, calendars, and documentation. It enables you to organize, manage, and track your team’s tasks. It also makes it easier for teams to collaborate with external clients. Other reports, such as workload and resource reports, are also provided. They feature a small number of integrations and task management options due to their focus on simplicity. It’s suitable for both freelancers and small and medium-sized organizations.

ProofHub has no restriction on the number of users it can have and charges a flat rate regardless of how many there are. There are two plans to choose from: the Essential plan is $50 per month, while the Ultimate Control plan costs $99 per month.

  • Clarizen-

This one is with a higher online rating for mid to enterprise size businesses. They only work through the website so it is not efficient to operate through mobile. Reviews have mentioned that their users love robust reporting features and track used resource ability. Sometimes their lacking occurs in time tracking or to-do list.

Pricing: Pricing is not available online, but can be provided if needed.

  • Kanban tool-

If you’re new to agile development, the Kanban Tool is a good place to start. It gives you a visual picture of your process as well as time-tracking features. Notifications, reporting, and team management capabilities make communication and task tracking simple. They also provide reporting, sharing documents, and mobile apps which are ideal for medium to large businesses. Plus, an online software host as well.

They offer a free plan which allows two user usage and two project support. Paid subscriptions start at $5 per month per user and provide access to an infinite number of boards. For $9 per user each month, businesses may obtain complex features like time tracking, reporting, user management, and process automation.

  • Meister task-

MeisterTask is an effective project management application designed for real-time collaborative teams. It has a dashboard for activities, backlog management, customizable fields, file sharing, and more. Although its revision management features may be improved, it has an aesthetically pleasing user interface.

Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise are the four pricing tiers offered by MeisterTask.

  • The Basic plan is completely free and allows you to work on up to three projects.
  • The Pro plan is $4.19 per user per month, while the Business plan is $10.39 per user per month.
  • Pricing for the Enterprise plan can be customized.
  • Click up-

Click is a cloud-based project management application that bills itself as an all-in-one. It is distinguished by its extensive feature set, which includes docs, goals, and an inbox. ClickUp’s modularity is one of its strongest features. It has Click Apps, which are add-ons that allow for a lot of customization.

Packages and prices: –

  • The free plan includes 100 MB of storage as well as an unlimited number of projects and members.
  • When invoiced annually, the unlimited plan costs $5 per user and offers unlimited storage, integrations, and other features.
  • The annual business plan is $9 per person and includes Google SSO, goal folders, custom exporting, and more.
  • Custom pricing, greater API restrictions, a dedicated success manager, white labeling, and other features are included with the enterprise plan. 
  • Paymo- 

Paymo bills itself as a trendy, user-friendly job management system for small firms and remote teams. Advanced task management, planning, scheduling, collaboration, invoicing, and time tracking functions are all available. In essence, it enables one to track a project’s complete lifecycle without having to use and pay for various programmers.

Pricing: –

  • The annual plans include two extra months of service.
  • When invoiced annually, the Small Office plan costs $9.95 per user per month.
  • When invoiced annually, the Business plan costs $15.79 per user each month.

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