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Benefits to Install Smart Door Security Systems

A modern home is known for its aesthetics as well as the security it provides. Reports show that crime rates have risen as people began to step out of their homes post lockdown. As per Economic Times, theft incidents in residential areas across Delhi have increased by 553 percent from 1,158 in 2021 to 7,561 in 2022. This is why new homeowners are opting for home security systems. With the advancement in technology, new features are being periodically added to these systems. They give much greater control over the security of their property.

There is a dire need of replacing the old lock and key system with high-quality smart home products to make our properties less vulnerable to external threats.

A few misconceptions in the mind of the consumer regarding home security systems also do exist. The most common one is that the installation process is extensive and requires a very heavy investment. The majority of homeowners earlier felt that adding a home security system is an unnecessary expense. However, in the past few years, big brands, such as the Ozone Group have been introducing security solutions that are not heavy on the pocket.

Why Smart Door Needed

The ever-evolving technology has led to decreased costs, and the popularity of using tech-based security systems has given rise to different smart door lock brands while experienced brands like Ozone have expanded their range of home security solutions. They have also created a new affordable price point in the market.

Video door phones, WiFi doorbells, and CCTV cameras fall within the category of a home security system and smart doors are a part of it as well. It is essential for users to understand what their home specifically needs and choose the right component accordingly.

Families with young children and elderly people require higher security. It is important to keep a check on who is entering and exiting the home. This can be easily supervised with the help of a smart home security system.

Homeowners must get the right advice when choosing a lock for their front door. Different locks offer a variety of functionalities. The latest security systems can be customized depending on the homes they are being installed in. With the help of video surveillance, parents can keep an eye on their children while they are at work. Also, if there is an elderly person at home, motion tracking will keep the owners updated about their whereabouts. Any unrecognized or out-of-the-blue movements can be instantly detected.

To answer the question of “how effective are security systems?

let’s go through some of their benefits:

Remote access control

Smart door security systems can be operated remotely. The app allows homeowners to operate the front door lock through their smartphone. A one-time OTP can be issued for guests which will expire after it has been entered once. This feature is a boon as it completely eliminates the risk of losing keys and the need of keeping spare keys to give others access.

Get notified

Home security systems send notifications on the phone every time it is unlocked. One feature that gives Ozone smart door locks an upper hand over normal locks is how promptly it responds to unfamiliar access attempts. If someone enters the wrong password multiple times the keypad on the lock will freeze for a specified time.

Compatible with other home devices

The concept of “smart homes” is on an upward trend. People integrate lights, fans, geezers, coffee machines, etc. with a system and give instructions through voice commands using Alexa or Google Assistant. An Ozone smart door lock for home can easily be added to this automation system.

Superior security

People still feel comfortable with the lock and key system, but it has been around for so long that burglars have found ways to get past it. An electronic door lock on the other hand comes with deadbolts which makes it extremely difficult to break into the home. As per research by the Times of India in 2021, smart door locks are among the top 10 home-security products that give homeowners complete peace of mind.

Sleek design

Old locks tend to look very robust. Modern homeowners prefer a more futuristic look. Ozone smart locks come with digital keypads and their unique design makes them the perfect addition to the front door.

Multiple access modes

Conventional door locks can only be opened with a key. These keys can be easily replicated and do not have adequate security. Ozone’s electronic door locks can be operated via an RFID card, fingerprint, and password. They also have an option of dual combination mode wherein a combination of two access methods will be required to open the door. Some door locks can store up to 100 fingerprints, passwords, and RFID cards.

Excellent customer support

Adapting to new technology can be quite a task, there are new functions and features that the users are not aware of. Ozone has a dedicated customer support team that helps users with any challenges they might be facing. All the queries are promptly addressed and the technical team works on resolving any issues that have been reported.

Keeping track

The home security system can keep track of who has entered the home in real time through the integrated app. This feature is available in Ozone smart door locks as well. They collect real-time data on who has entered the home and create logs. This is known as an audit trail feature. The number of records that can be checked varies as per the model. The user has to pay an extra fee to use this feature.

The benefits of installing smart door locks on the front door make it evident that it’s a valuable addition. As per Grand View Research, the demand for smart door locks has significantly increased in the Indian residential sector. As per the Global Market Estimates, the global smart lock market is expected to grow from USD 2.3 Billion in 2021 to reach USD 3.9 Billion by 2026, with a CAGR value of around 12.45%. Ozone smart door locks for main door are providing all their users with superior security and peace of mind. Explore Ozone’s range of security solutions.

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