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Amla water for many hair problems, know 3 ways and benefits of using it

Amla for hair has been used for many years. The five main elements found in it such as vitamin C, tannin, phosphorus, iron and calcium are as beneficial for the health of the hair as it is for the body. But today we will not tell you about the benefits of eating gooseberry powder or amla, rather we will tell you about the benefits of amla water for hair. Actually, gooseberry water is extracted by boiling gooseberries. In some places, when the gooseberry is boiled to make gooseberry murabba, then its water is taken out and kept. Then as this water gets old, its use is considered very beneficial for the hair. So, let us know how you can use amla water for hair and what are the benefits of using them?

Use of Amla water for hair :

1. Wash your hair with amla water

If your hair is turning gray rapidly, then you should wash your hair with amla water. For this, wash your hair twice a week with amla water 1 hour before you shampoo and hair conditioner. Then leave the hair as it is and then wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

2. Apply gooseberry water on the scalp like oil

Just like you apply oil to your hair, take out the water of amla in a bowl. Then apply gooseberry water on the scalp with cotton, removing the demand in every way from the hair. Then leave it for half an hour and wash your hair.

3. Mix gooseberry water in henna and use

If you are using any hair mask. Or if you apply henna in your hair, you can add gooseberry water to it, for this leave the henna overnight after mixing gooseberry water. In the morning you will find that the mehndi would have turned slightly black. Now use it on your hair.


Benefits of Amla Water for hair-

1. Conditions the Scalp

Amla contains a lot of essential fatty acids which go into our hair follicles, making the hair soft and shiny. Apart from this, the iron and carotene content found in it also stimulates scalp conditioning and hair growth.

2. Gets rid of dandruff

Amla water is the easiest way to get rid of dandruff. As soon as you wash your hair with amla water, you will feel that your itching will stop. Then when you use it regularly, you will find that your dandruff will have disappeared. Actually, all this is a miracle of vitamin C and some special antioxidants found in amla water. It reacts instantly to dandruff and neutralises it.

3. Darkens white hair

Actually, when you use gooseberry water for hair, its vitamin C and other antioxidants help in activating the skin cells. In this way, they promote a healthy scalp and improve blood circulation. In this way the hair gets proper nutrition and the greying of hair starts decreasing.

4. Prevents Hair Fall

Hair fall is a problem for everyone these days. In such a situation, you can avoid this problem by continuously using amlawater. Actually, when you apply gooseberry water on the scalp, it increases collagen, strengthens the hair from the roots and prevents hair fall.

In this way, you can use amla water in many ways for hair. If you have very thin hair, you can still make your hair thick by using it regularly. Also, if you do not understand anything, then you can also drink amlawater. This will have many benefits for your health as well as your hair.

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