Addiction – How to Cope?

Addiction consumes not only time and money, but also personality – it destroys bonds, indifferent and pushes you into an abyss from which it is not easy to dig out. And when it is successful, it comes to the struggle with the most difficult task – to persevere without addiction and deal with the pathological hunger that is still reminiscent of itself. How to do it? Replace addiction with passion! We advise you on how to cope without addiction.

What is pathological hunger?

Pathological hunger is a state in which there is an exceptionally strong need to satisfy one’s desires and desires. As they mainly concern the area of ​​the psyche, they are also associated with somatic problems (e.g. chronic cramping of the stomach), which can be very dangerous, as they often lead to the breaking of many years of abstinence.

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During pathological hunger, the addicted person’s thoughts revolve solely around satisfying their desires and desires. This condition can manifest itself through intrusive thoughts about addiction, restlessness, anxiety, distraction, a feeling of lack of energy, mood swings or insomnia.

The causes of the appearance of hunger

An addicted person very often has no idea that he or she is accompanied by pathological hunger, because in most cases this condition is quickly relieved by reaching for the middle and satisfying his thirst.

That is why pathological hunger often affects mainly people who are trying to overcome addiction and abstinence. Hunger usually makes itself felt in the initial period of abstinence.

Of course, with time, the intensity of the symptoms of alcohol craving decreases, which does not mean that it will not come back after a few years, on the contrary. It may strike at the most unexpected moment with much greater force – e.g. in the case of an alcoholic, when he passes by his favorite bar where has spent a lot of time in the past.

Of course, there are many more factors of pathological hunger, such as: bad mood, problems, anxiety and even embarrassment. Surrendering to desire is to allow you to forget about the overwhelming reality for a while, at least in theory.

Replace addiction with passion!

They say time heals all wounds – that’s true. It’s the same with addiction. A little water in the Vistula River has to be spent to deal with its weaknesses.

How to deal with addiction? The ideal way to jam an addiction is to replace it with other activities that will consume time and give you great pleasure, and above all will have a positive effect on both your physical condition and well-being. Meanwhile, you could also try seeking help from a professional even at the comfort of your own home with an online suboxone clinic specifically for people with opioid use disorder(OUD).

And here, sport works perfectly well, which is a great teacher, teaching how to deal with your weaknesses.

Physical activity is endless competition, respect for opponents, persistence and regular effort – the latter means that after demanding exercise, you only dream of a bath and a warm bed.

It is worth finding your passion – the joy of life, an activity that will occupy your mind and become a springboard from your daily routine.

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In addition, it is worth avoiding all situations that may provoke the appearance of hunger. It’s also worth diverting your thoughts and focusing them on something else entirely.

Equally helpful will be a conversation with a loved one who will support you and give you strength in a difficult time.

In addition, in difficult times, it is also worth seeking help from psychotherapists who can get to the bottom of the problem, pointing the addicted person in the right direction.

We hope that this time we have satisfied your curiosity – thanks to us you already know how to deal with addiction. We cordially invite you to read the other content that we have prepared for you.

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