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5 Sure-Fire Ways A Professional SEO Agency Can Find Niche SEO Optimized Blog Topics

Over time, every company, big or small, faces a situation where it does not have topics left to discuss. Seemingly, all the topics have been exhausted, and the writers cannot come up with anything different. Under such circumstances, a professional SEO agency comes as a savior with its experienced brains and practical strategies. The following are some methods that professional agencies use to prevent a lull in content marketing and provide an endless supply of blog topics.

5 Ways a Professional SEO Agency Gets Ideas For Its Blogs and get information from it.

  1. Answer the Public

The first place to find outstanding queries asked by people worldwide is to go to the online site Answer the Public. Answer the Public is a free tool that generates questions related to a specific topic. Based on these questions, one can develop numerous blog post titles and subjects.

Each question posed (as shown in the picture below) is a potential source of a blog post or a write-up. Moreover, it indicates what your customer is searching for.

  1. Audience Surveys

Another way to tap an audience’s mind is to create and publish audience surveys. For example, a professional SEO services agency will send out a form to the client’s mailing list and directly gain answers and insights from the blog audience then people will gather.

This method is a direct way to ask the audience what problems they would like addressed. Then one can create blogs based on the pain points specified by the target audience. Finally, send the survey to existing clients or social media followers, or other contacts in the network. The answers could translate into something useful for the audience.

  1. Competitor Research

Another way professional agencies can develop new blog topics is by doing competitor research. But, again, this is just a simple way of winning over from someone else’s hard work. Competitors have a way of coming up with better ideas. Hence, take advantage of their labor.

To find out about the blogs, head over to the blog section of the competition or else use tools like SpyFu.

  1. Google Autocomplete

Another simple way to find the best blog posts is to look at the autocomplete list of queries. Professional agencies can help in this regard by seeing what comes up for a particular topic.

Once they find out the other related topics, it is time to create as many blog posts as possible on those subjects.

  1. People Also Ask

The People Also Ask section is another free place to find blog suggestions. This section which the search engine Google provides is free and can be used by anyone to find blog topics. The questions asked here can be used to inspire the next blog topic.

Apart from these ways, a professional SEO agency can also look through Pinterest, Google Trends or conduct insightful interviews with industry leaders. Also, try guest posting, or ask readers to contribute stories. Give your business the boost it needs to stand out from a sea of competitors!

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