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Do Actors Use Steroids For Movie Roles? [Know the Truth]

Do Actors Use Steroids to Prepare for Movie Roles?” Well, this question frequently arises when people see super-human transformations of actors for a movie role.

Take any example into account; Thor, Superman, Conan the Barbarian, or any other movie character that needed a picture-perfect physique. The actors starring in these roles nailed it. However, no one is taking away the credit for their efforts at the gym and obeying the diet. But, these kinds of transformations without the use of steroids become hard to digest.

Well, common! Have you seen Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch or Zac Efron in the same movie?

There are dozens of movies like the Invincibles, Expandables, Fast and Furious, and Avengers filled with characters having superhuman physiques.

The general public is convinced that this kind of transformation is not possible without pharmaceutical or androgenic help externally.

However, some of these celebrities have completely denied the allegation. But, there are a few of them who has even accepted the use of steroids publicly.

So, our doubt is still there to be cleared! “Do Actors Use Steroids to Prepare for Movie Roles?” Let’s clear it with the help of the transformation stories of three heavily jacked-up celebs out there.

The first one on our list is our favorite ‘Thor’…

#1: Chris Hemsworth

There are a lot of good movies featuring Chris Hemsworth both before and after the scintillating appearance on screen as Thor.

But, Chris has become synonymous with Thor. And why not? It was a perfect performance ticking all the checkboxes.

To emulate a Norse God on the screen, he needed to put on around 20lbs of lean muscle mass. He did that successfully.

But, this transformation did put him under a lot of question by the critiques. There was an article on the news that solemnly declared that he’s on steroids.

The transformation pictures were there comparing the snaps of the Thor movie with his previous appearance in the movie ‘Cash’. Also, the angles of these pictures showed the transformation a lot different than it actually was.

People were convinced that those bulging biceps and the rock-hard abs of Thor were all steroids. However, the celebrity trainer, Duffy Gaver who trained Chris for Thor completely denies the Chris-Hemsworth Steroids use.

According to Duffy, Chris is genetically gifted. He has a perfect body frame and was already carrying a significant amount of muscle mass before he started training for Thor.

Also, the stunt double of Chris Hemsworth tells that he’s a natural athlete. Before acting he was a surfer. He takes his workout seriously and follows a diet stuffed with lean meat.

Hence, it’s not a big deal to put on 20lbs of lean muscles without the use of steroids.

The next actor on this list is Josh Brolin…

#2: Josh Brolin

Who can forget Thanos, the big purple monster who wanted to wipe out half of the universe’s population? Also, the role of that cruel villain in Deadpool-2. He did it all with utmost perfection.

His bulked-up muscle mass did help him a lot in nailing these performances. Josh packed up on a huge amount of muscles for these roles to look perfect on the screen.

However, these gains put him under the radar of news and magazines. A few articles convincingly alleged he for taking steroids or similar supplements to beef up.

Josh’s breath-taking transformation took everyone by surprise. Anything that seems far-fetched for people, the term that achievement as cheating for others who do it.

The same thing happened with Josh Brolin. He started his journey to bulk up for his coming projects and advertised them on his social media as well.

When he came across all these allegations, he replied to them in his own way. He said that if he has to take steroids, he’d do it openly.

He has the problem of being honest. These gains are due to sheer hard work and discipline in the diet. Josh’s workout regime includes intense strength training mixed with heavy supersets.

Furthermore, his diet includes healthy foods that support rapid Muscles growth. There are no reasons to believe that he’s using any PEDs or steroids. Hence, Josh Brolin steroids use is nothing more than rumors.

The last celebrity on this list is not an actor. He’s a professional bodybuilder…

#3: Ronnie Coleman

All-time great among the professional bodybuilders. He has 8 Mr. Olympia titles under his belt to justify that greatness.

Born in 1964, he was in that era when the regulations on bodybuilding were not that strict. The use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs was common among bodybuilders at that time.

The implications were not strict, although it was illegal.

Ronnie previously served as an officer in the Police Department of the US government. He started professional bodybuilding at a very early age.

His amazing physical stats always put him under the speculations of illegal drug use.

However, during his service in the police department, he never admitted to the use of steroids. As a federal employee, he was bound to obey the regulations.

But, later on, during chat shows on the internet, he admitted to the use of PEDs and other similar steroids to help him build his giant body. The news of Ronnie Coleman Steroids use is true.

Hence, among all three celebrities, he’s the only one who admits the use of steroids in his bodybuilding.

Now, let’s sum it up…


We had a question in the beginning- “Do Actors Use Steroids to Prepare for Movie Roles?”

Well, we can’t say this with 100% authority as we don’t have any conclusive evidence.

It’s true that some actors go through drastic transformations for movie roles. But, we can’t declare that they use steroids until we have solid proof.

However, some celebrities like Ronnie Coleman accept the use of steroids in their peak days.

But, we don’t recommend anyone to use steroids, PEDs, or any other such things.

Go natural! A good diet and a formidable commitment to the gym are all you need to grow big…!

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