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Your Modular Kitchens Need Decorative Laminates More Than Ever

Modular kitchens have taken the décor by storm. They emit a classy vibe while your kitchens look put together, neat and finished. While cabinets are essential in a modular kitchen design, one must ensure they are giving the required finishing touch. And for this, laminates have a really important role to play. Laminates of various kinds can provide that finished look to your furniture. In your kitchens, they can help by making everything look neat and tidy. Thus, here are a few reasons why you must opt for decorative laminates especially in your kitchens.

       Finishing touch

Undone furniture looks shabby and unpleasant to the eyes. There could be some nails and sharp pieces of ply poking outwards that could cause some harm. It is, therefore, necessary to add a finishing touch to your cabinets.

Laminates are the perfect option to add the required touch to your cabinets. You can pick between Glossy Textures or Silk Tuff. If you still desire to keep the wood’s natural look, you can opt for a Woodgrain laminate.

A proper finished look can be acquired through these laminates. Be sure to pick and choose between the best.

       Neat and tidy cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are vulnerable to all the dirt, oil and sticky stuff. They can be very shabby if not maintained well. Plain ply absorbs moisture from these sticky and juicy substances leaving a stain behind. Thus, one must opt for laminates.

Kitchen Laminates are easier to clean. They are tidier to maintain and do not leave any stains behind. Any sticky, oily, or even dry stain can be wiped off easily. Lucida Solids have various shades available. You can pick between the lighter and the darker shades depending on your clumsiness in the kitchen.


Laminates add life to your furniture. The durability of the ply increases when it is protected from all external factors like oil, dirt, water, stains and pests.

While laminates are easier to clean, it is also easier to inspect any kind of stain or dirt accumulated on your furniture. Laminates act as that protected layer that prevents your cabinet ply from swelling and losing its shape and texture due to water.

Most of the laminates provided by some fine Laminate Manufacturers are made up of fine quality Sun mica. You can opt for these laminates that are available in various shades and textures.

       Add some colours and texture

Colours can bring vibrancy and cheer. Be sure to pick the right colour for your cabinets. You can pick between two or three complementary colours and can also add some texture to your cabinets.

As customers, you can take a quick look into the expert’s look book and pick a combination depending on your preference. You can add some shine to your cabinets by opting for Lucida Glitters or add a Woodgrain Texture.

Pinks and reds, Yellows and Oranges, Field Greens are bright colours with which you can experiment. Classic Whites, Premium and Soothing whites are among some common colours.

Be sure to follow a colour scheme. Textures aren’t quite often used in kitchens, but you can definitely try something quirky, turning your kitchen into a fun, vibrant place.

       Speciality Laminates

Speciality Laminates are relatively newer in the market. They could be a tad bit expensive on your pockets but are a perfect option for your kitchens. They ensure safety while still adding some colour and texture to your cabinets.

Kitchens must not only be neat and tidy, but they should also be colour full and well-designed. While we spend hefty sums on planning our kitchen designs and picking the best quality ply, why shouldn’t one invest reasonably in the laminates? Next time you design and redecorate your kitchen cabinets, be sure to follow the above-mentioned tips while choosing the right laminate.

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