Worst Mistakes All Logo Design Experts Should Avoid

Worst Mistakes All Logo Design Experts Should Avoid

When you’re just starting out, your cousin/nephew/knowledgeable friend offers to help. Hey, it’s a free logo. Great! You rationalize that you can always get a professional one later. But then life happens, and years later, you’re still using a cheap, mediocre logo as your company’s primary visual expression. Guess what your company’s principal visual image is seen by every single consumer? It’s your company’s logo.

Mistakes Logo Design Experts Should Avoid at All Costs

When you’re ready to employ a logo design professional for your company, here are five critical blunders to avoid.

  • Color & Gray Scale of Logo

When discussing a logo design concept with your designer, make sure to check how it looks in color as well as black and white to avoid unexpected or accidental depictions of your company when printed or displayed in grayscale (which is a fancy way of saying shades of black and white).

Similarly, experiment with inverting the grayscale on your logo to see how it looks. If your logo is normally dark against a white or bright background, ask your designer to show you how it will look in light hues against a dark backdrop.

  • Don’t Add LLC in Logo

Irrespective of what your lawyer tells you, you do not need to include the initials “LLC” after your company name in your logo. It is sufficient to include it in the footer of your website as well as other official papers. However, without the legalese, let your brand shine as a design element.

  • Logo Design Format

It’s indeed critical that your graphic designer provides you your completed logo in a variety of file formats. Isn’t it tough to understand? It isn’t once you realize what I’m talking about. The letters after the “.” in an electronic file name specify the file format. As a result, ‘Test.doc’ is a Microsoft Word document. ‘Photo.jpg’ is the name of a jpeg image file.

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  • Matching Color Profiles

The Pantone Matching System is a color matching system. It’s a collection of color swatches used by businesses and designers to maintain consistency while creating professional products (usually when working with a local printer or promotional company). Request that your graphic designer produce your logo in “Pantone colors” so that the colors are constant regardless of where your logo is printed or which country you are in. The scenario is the same.

  • Delivery of Design Matters

A skilled graphic designer will establish a ‘brand bible’ or brand guideline for you. It’s a comprehensive reference to all facets of your brand, and you’ll surely need it in the future. A brand bible gives a technical breakdown of your logo’s components, and it may be updated later to include print design and internet design samples when your designer has accomplished these chores for you (note: the design of your logo should always be established before beginning any print or web marketing projects).

  • Trends Should Be Ignored

While remaining current is a vital part of marketing your business, the line between stylish and clichéd is narrow.

All fashion fads will eventually pass. Because you don’t want a clumsy, out-of-date logo after a few years, a well-designed logo must be timeless.

Although you should be aware of current trends, you are not required to adhere to them.

Putting too much weight in trends for your low-cost logo design is a big mistake. Instead, focus on your company’s visual identity. What are you seeking to convey to your customers? What are the values of your firm, and who are you as a company?

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