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Why Qatar is Getting Popular for Tourism?

Attractive Deals to Make Qatar Trip Memorable

Qatar has covered small area than other Arab countries, but it has been blessed with adventurous and luxurious environment. You can view a combination of Middle Eastern society with advanced amenities to make your tour unforgettable. It is favorable to use Booking promo code qatar to enjoy great markdown while confirming the date of arrival and departure through your selected airline. It depends on your preference to arrange a trip for sports, beach bum, lavishness or adventure as there are a lot of activities to cover interest of tourists. Qatar is an ideal place for your upcoming exciting and economical tour as here are some valid reasons that are enough to change your mind:

Great Weather

Throughout the year, you will find the shining sun and pleasant atmosphere. Even the winter season is not terrible in Qatar. It is mild and temperature remains within 12 to 21 C daytime in January. On the other hand, summer season is a bit hotter and temperature touches the 41C in July that is considered the warmest month. If you love rainy and mild weather, it is suggested to plan travelling in the month February as it rains throughout the month. Unlike other Middle Eastern countries, Qatar is not as hot. In fact, the temperature is similar to seaside areas above the equator and remains mostly between degrees 25 to 30.

Fascinating Blend of Modernity & Tradition

The history of Qatar is full of fascination. You can find the traces of remarkable history in marketplaces, museums, architecture and sites of UNESCO World Heritage. Do not think that Qatar nation loves to traditional lifestyle. These have accepted modernity. Skyscrapers in Qatar are proof of mixed culture. You cannot find an amalgamation of culture and modernism anywhere else. The nation loves the heritage and welcomes the travelers with modern facilities, infrastructure, luxurious hotels and international cuisines. Use Booking promo code qatar and make your stay within your financial range.

Amazing Outdoor Adventure

During your visit, you will notice never-ending activities. Whether you like skydiving or scuba, you are welcome to enjoy these activities over the great Arabian Gulf or underneath the deep waters. After that, plan to travel around the ancient forts and climb the great sand dunes to make your holidays adventurous. As compared to other activities, desert safari is the most renowned adventure that compels visitors to mount ATVs and drive towards Mesaieed Desert. For a traditional tour, experience the camel ride. In addition to desert safari, Kitesurfing and kayaking activities are also all the rage.

Incredible Museums

Exceptional artifacts are present in museums; however you will notice that outdoor area of these museums is as mesmerizing as the indoor exhibitions. There is Booking promo code qatar that give a helping hand to turn your dream into reality. Shopping options in Qatar give you an easy access to deluxe shopping malls where hundreds of shops and entertainment places are located. The souq of Qatar has traditional handicrafts, pashmina shawls, woven baskets, fragrant spices and cooking pots.

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