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Why Injury Lawyers Should Start Using Explainer Video?

Lawyers explainer video? What’s that? You’ll find the in-depth definition and description about it on this article!

There are approximately five million police-report traffic accidents each year in the USA. According to road crash statistics, half of these accidents result in injuries. 

With more than 2.5 million people injured due to traffic accidents, the need for personal injuries lawyer is certainly big.

The problem is, most people rely too much on their insurance companies. Insurance companies only pay out their policy limits to cover the damage. 

Every penny more than the policy limit will have to be collect from the ones responsible for the damage.

Personal Injuries lawyers are needed in order to claim what the victims deserve. It is likely that civils is not familiar with what would possibly be the come out of a court case. 

However, most people are redundant to be involve in a court case. Why? Because there are bad stereotypes of lawyers. 

Lawyers’ Stereotypes in Society

Stereotypes are the strongest factors that influence others to be involved with or be in a business with you. 

Here are stereotypes of lawyers that still exist because they are deemed to be true in most lawyers.

Lawyers are expensive

Problems and fees are both negative things, and people despise negative things. If what clients will get from the defendant is more than what they paid for, it is not expensive. Convince them that, and you have a better chance to get leads to prospective clients.

The next stereotype is lawyers are egoists.

Most lawyers proclaim themselves as smart, superior, and the best among others. While their confidence is a good thing, they don’t leave a good impression among those who watch them.

Lawyer advertisements are lame.

There are even multiple compilations of funny lawyer ads on YouTube custom channel. A result of Google search with “Personal Injury Lawyer Ad” as the keywords result in a painfully typical image. Get your advertisement out of the box!

What Can Lawyers Do to Step Out from Stereotypes

#1. Know Your Stereotypes

You need to know what your stereotypes are in order to break out of them. Now that lawyers’ stereotypes are mentioned, you should be able to admit or deny them. Regardless of you admitting or denying it, people already think that of you. 

#2. Be an Empathetic Lawyer

Think of yourself as a civilian who had a car crash yesterday and is in need of a personal injury lawyer’s service. What would you expect to be the deal fee? what would you expect your lawyer to be like? Look for a list of personal injury lawyers in advertising, are you convinced with their ads? If you find the answer to be biased to the lawyers, then you are not thinking equal yet. 

#3. Stand Out from Other Lawyers

The answers to those questions will show you how to stand out from the others. If most lawyers demand US$750 as the down payment and another US$1000 if the case is won, you have to charge lower than that to stand out from other lawyers. 

When the deal is done, be friendly to your client. Assuming a person in need of a lawyer is already under pressure, you WANT and WILL control your ego for them. 

Remember they are the ones who will give you money. 

Don’t make a lame advertisement. There are enough jokes out of lawyers’ ads.

If you happen to be a lawyer, you don’t need to add another one by making video ads worthy of laugh tracks in the background.

As personal injury lawyers, you are experts in personal injury cases. Help people prevent personal injuries from happening with an explainer video.

Kill two birds with one stone with a video that educates people and promotes your service with an outstanding video at the same time.

How Do Explainer Videos Aid in Preventing Personal Injuries?

Animated explainer videos can deliver more than one message at a time in a way that is easy to understand. 

But, what kind of educational message should you use to reduce personal injuries case?

Perhaps you always learn that explainer videos are mainly used as marketing media. But there are many companies in different fields that use animated explainer videos for training purposes as well. 

Since traffic accident causes millions of personal injury cases every year in the U.S, you better start with sharing basic road safety information like wearing a seatbelt or helmet for motorcycle drivers or always turning on your headlights during rain.

To emphasize the importance of this information, perhaps you can mention how a simple case like forgetting to wear seatbelt results in fatal lifetime injuries. 

The expectation is to raise people’s awareness that traffic accidents happen all the time because drivers make mistakes. 

Another message that can convey through explainer videos is avoiding malpractice. You can start by giving tips to avoid malpractice supported by relevant data and statistics presented. 

The number of medical malpractice cases that happen in a healthcare center led by unlicensed doctors can be a strong example. 

You can use explainer videos to show how to deal with certain injury cases. Perhaps you can give a step-by-step of what to check before using your vehicle on a long trip to ensure safety.

Also, you can give tips on what to check in a doctor’s office or hospital to ensure its quality and legality to minimize the risk of malpractice.

Why is Animated Explainer Video Much More Effective than Other Media?

  • Explainer videos are a better choice when it comes to conveying messages that should be remember for a long time. has proven that an average human has a chance to retain 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. 

There were 37,000 deaths in traffic accidents alone in 2014. If your explainer videos made 0.1% of them wear safety gear, it could have saved 37 lives

  • When it comes to safety demonstration, animated explainer videos are much better at conveying the message. Most personal injuries deal with images that are hard to make with live replicas, for example, filming a car crash or a person slipping because of a wet floor. With animated videos, this can be true much easier and will still be safe-for-work and safe for children. 

Also, in animated explainer videos, even an accident illustrate in a humorous manner more easily. A Forbes article states that humor is what makes commercials memorable. 

  • Using animated explainer video minimizes the risk of over budget. Making a quality live explainer video dealing with injuries, accidents, or wounds requires at least a special effect crew, a director, and a makeup artist, not to mention the scriptwriter and talents. While animated explainer videos can create by a group of talented artists in a room with computers, safe and sound.

A makeup artist alone costs from a couple of hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars for ONE MAKEUP APPLICATION. There’s no guarantee that your talent won’t sweat, and you have to get another makeup. 

  • Explainer videos can convey the same amount of information much faster than it would take to explain with another format. How did you ask?

First, the human brain is so fast in processing visual data rather than text. In fact, some have claimed that the human brain is 60,000 faster in recognizing visual data. Your safety tips can be deliver in microseconds rather than 20-30 seconds to read a paragraph about it.

Secondly, explainer videos are a total time saver. Within a minute or two, you convey what it would take half an hour to convey with an oral lesson or text. Using explainer videos, you can use the rest of 28 minutes to do another task to increase your productivity or give an additional lesson in matters you have not put in the explainer video. 


Victims of personal injury cases often get less than what they deserve from their insurer. They need a personal injury lawyer, but they’re too hesitant to hire one. Personal injury lawyers can educate people on how to prevent personal injuries as well as meltdown people’s stereotypes for them at the same time using animated explainer videos.

Animated explainer videos are good to present content about injuries which is hard to make in live explainer videos. They are also cost-effective in comparison with live explainer videos when it comes to illustrating incidents or anything really

Beyond that, by producing explainer videos, personal injury lawyers can increase the public’s awareness of personal safety which will lead to a more peaceful society.

So, are you excited to see a society with fewer people hurt and fewer lawsuits on personal injury? Because we are.

Tell us what you think about it.

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