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Why Enterprises Should Build a WebRTC Video Chat App

We live in an age where the value of video conversations has grown. Businesses are leveraging video apps to enable personalised experiences for customers. Research points out that 58% companies use video conferencing in their day to day operations. 

Have you been planning to build a video chat app? That’s awesome. You can consider leveraging the WebRTC technology for developing the same. In this blog, we shall discuss all crucial points about WebRTC. Stay with us and read on. 

Meaning of WebRTC 

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communications. It is an open framework for the web that facilitates real-time communication abilities. This tends to embed instant messaging, voice, and video capabilities. They allows users to interact from within their primary browser without the use of any complex plug-ins. 

The WebRTC project was first introduced by Google in May 2011. When WebRTC was launched, Flash and plugins were the only methods for conducting real-time communication. But after a few years, Chrome and Firefox conducted the first cross-browser video call. This, in turn, escalated the popularity of WebRTC for live video calling purposes. 

WebRTC can be accessed as a pre-built source in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, iOS, and Android. It has many powerful use cases for different industries.

  •  It can be leveraged by the health industry to facilitate frictionless remote health checkups and consultations over video calls. All relevant healthcare data can be safely shared between patients and health professionals. 
  • WebRTC can also be used in the banking sector. Banks can leverage it to conduct real-time video communication with customers for  account set up or discussing investment plans.  
  • Even the education sector can utilize webRTC to conduct video lectures in real-time and enhance student engagement.

 WebRTC can be used for customer service by businesses of all sizes to offer real-time support and facilitate better communication. With smooth video interactions, business enterprises can forward quick resolutions for customer queries and boost satisfaction. 

Reasons to choose WebRTC for video chat solution 

Developers can take advantage of WebRTC to make two web browsers communicate and exchange data without leveraging any additional plugins. Moreover, WebRTC is continuously evolving. Every new version that is released is directed towards offering enhanced user experiences. Here’s a list of points that reflect the growing importance of WebRTC. 

  • Seamless integration 

One of the best parts about WebRTC is that it can be entirely integrated into your existing platforms and technologies.  For example, it can be integrated into a hosted VoIP system in a frictionless manner. By integrating WebRTC into your existing communication system, you can initiate live video chat with any device that is capable of receiving it. There’s no need for the receiver to leave the browser in use. 

  • Rising implementation

WebRTC is a free and open source project. This has definitely led to the growing popularity of the technology. Moreover, WebRTC is supports some of the most popular internet giants like Google, Opera, and Mozilla. This leaves developers with multiple options while adding video functionalities to their applications. For the past few years, the number of WebRTC enabled devices has significantly increased. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a technology that already stands successful in developing frictionless video capabilities. 

  • Pocket-friendly 

One of the most popular aspects of WebRTC technology is that you do not need any expensive license fees to leverage it. All sorts of mechanisms and tools required to build a WebRTC video call app are free to use for developers. The open protocol saves customers from additional costs from a product level perspective. Also, WebRTC is compatible with exclusive video codecs like H.264 and provides developers with more flexible app development options for live video call. 

  • Higher efficiency

WebRTC technology benefits both developers and customers. Earlier, it was difficult to transfer and capture real-time data from the computer’s webcam and microphone to various browsers. But WebRTC is now at developers’ rescue. With WebRTC ‘get media user’ command, browsers tend to easily transfer data to other browsers. Gone are the days when developers had to create media engines to run their applications. 

If we look at WebRTC from the consumer’s perspective, it does not require any downloads or plugins to run successfully. It can function on an automatic basis in popular browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. 

  • Perfect live video calling quality 

WebRTC supported by top-notch technologies. It powered by VP8 – an open-source video codec. It allows for a resolution of 16384×16384 pixels. WebRTC is best for developing business-grade live video call apps. 

  • Simple customization

One added and extremely relevant benefit that you get with WebRTC. Any WebRTC video chat app customized as per your business’ unique requirements. You can integrate it with other libraries as well. You can implement whiteboards for important business meetings in a remote work setup and many other useful video functionalities. This can help with better virtual collaborations. 

  • No additional software requirement 

Another compelling reason to choose WebRTC for developing live video calling apps is that it does not need any additional software for its smooth and efficient functioning.

The WebRTC technology is already built-in and supported by world-class browsers. Hence, WebRTC can prove to be your most viable option for building native applications. Not only WebRTC is browser compatible but also supports multi-device compatibility. Easily embedded into various mobile devices. By leveraging APIs, WebRTC makes the mobile browser access the camera and mobile browser access the camera and microphone of the underlying device. 

Wrapping Up 

We hope our article helped you gain a fair understanding of the advantages of WebRTC technology. So, what are you waiting for? Start building your WebRTC video chat app today. We recommend leveraging a live video chat API that supports WebRTC integration. It can help you conduct smoother video conversations and take customer experiences to the next level. 

Happy video interactions to you. 

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