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Why Do HealthCare Websites Need SEO?

What Is Healthcare SEO?

One of the toughest aspects of healthcare marketing is getting found online. This makes healthcare SEO crucial for healthcare professionals, especially doctors.

According to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, healthcare is one of the most covered stories—and has been since 2009, when the healthcare market began its transformation into one that is more competitive and less costly. Despite healthcare’s newsworthiness, it is still incredibly difficult to reach the audience you want.

There are no healthcare consumer surveys that can be used as a tool for healthcare SEO success because healthcare consumers simply don’t use search engines as other audiences do. Healthcare professionals use search engines to find solutions, but healthcare consumers turn to doctors and other healthcare professionals for healthcare information.

As healthcare marketers, we must be aware of these differences and tailor our approach accordingly. We should focus on healthcare professionals to generate healthcare leads, while healthcare consumers are more likely to need help simply finding healthcare providers. For example, a doctor would search for “Internal Medicine Denver CO” because she needs another doctor in the area— she’s not searching for an internal medicine specialist.

In healthcare, healthcare SEO is essential to local healthcare marketing success. In a healthcare market that is increasingly competitive and cost-effective, healthcare professionals need a place where they can post their healthcare practice information and have potential patients find them.

This also applies to other healthcare professionals such as dentists or healthcare practitioners such as chiropractors or physical therapists. The healthcare SEO experts at Health eSource have over 14 years of healthcare SEO experience to back up our claim that healthcare professionals need healthcare SEO to get found online.

Health eSource specializes in healthcare marketing for healthcare professionals and has worked with hundreds of doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers across the US to get found online and generate healthcare leads. If you need healthcare SEO, healthcare professionals trust the healthcare SEO experts at Health eSource.

For more information on how we can help your healthcare marketing efforts, contact us today!

Best Ways SEO Can Grow Your Healthcare Practice

Top healthcare SEO strategies right now are social media, Google+ business pages, and quality content.

The healthcare industry is growing by leaps and bounds every day yet it struggles with a lot of barriers to growth, including the price tag on healthcare reform, which has made healthcare more expensive than ever before. Within this environment, it doesn’t make sense for healthcare practices to rely upon traditional offline marketing strategies anymore.

Practices need to focus their attention on healthcare social media, healthcare Google+ pages, and healthcare SEO strategy. You can implement healthcare online marketing without breaking the bank either, which is why it makes sense for healthcare practices to pay close attention to these three areas right now.

Top Healthcare SEO Strategies


  1. Social Media

Few healthcare practices are using social media effectively, even though it’s free healthcare marketing which can go a long way towards boosting your practice’s online presence. The top healthcare social media sites are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and Twitter. You should have healthcare social media profiles for each one of these channels.

  1. Google+ Business Pages

Establish healthcare Google+ business pages for your healthcare practice, which can help you rank higher in local healthcare search engine results. These healthcare Google+ pages are free healthcare marketing tools that can be extremely effective at promoting your healthcare services online.

  1. Quality Content

Healthcare is a complex industry. You can attract healthcare customers by producing healthcare content which they’ll want to share with their friends and colleagues, including healthcare videos on YouTube healthcare social media posts, healthcare infographics, and healthcare blog articles. All of these are forms of high-quality healthcare marketing.

  1. Make Mobile Your First Priority

Mobile healthcare search is growing by leaps and bounds right now. According to a study by Brafton, healthcare mobile searches have grown 128% in the last year alone.

  1. Know What Healthcare Customers Want…

Customers consume healthcare content differently compared with other customers. They want healthcare information fast, they don’t want to have to look for healthcare content and they respond well to healthcare videos.

  1. Give Healthcare Customers What They Want

Healthcare customers want healthcare services that are, first and foremost, affordable. You can provide healthcare information about healthcare costs without having to charge more for your healthcare services. Instead, you’ll what’s known as the “price umbrella” effect, which means healthcare customers will pay higher healthcare prices for healthcare services since they’re also purchasing healthcare information.

  1. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Healthcare search engine optimization isn’t that difficult to implement if you have the right healthcare SEO agency on your healthcare team. Make healthcare content a priority and get people in your healthcare practice focusing on the healthcare search engine optimization process.

  1. Be Patient with Your SEO Efforts

SEO isn’t something you can rush, especially healthcare SEO. It takes time to get high rankings in healthcare search engine results but it’s well worth the effort if your healthcare practice needs more healthcare customers and higher healthcare profits.

How to Choose a Healthcare SEO Agency

There is no healthcare without SEO. That’s why it is so important that healthcare providers begin to market themselves online in ways that are measurable and trackable. Those who do not embrace digital marketing. Or healthcare SEO (search engine optimization) will not only lose patients to other healthcare providers. They will also lose revenue by missing opportunities to connect with their audience. When they are searching for healthcare information online.

The first step healthcare providers should take is to hire a healthcare SEO agency. Someone who does this sort of thing every day. A healthcare SEO agency will be able to make recommendations about the best keywords to use. How often content should be updated and what tactics are necessary to market the healthcare provider effectively online.

Several healthcare SEO companies will offer their healthcare clients an analysis. Of where they currently stand in terms of SEO and then provide a detailed plan that would include the following:

The healthcare provider’s website is thoroughly analyzed to determine. Whether or not there are any issues with load speed, page speed. And make sure all the necessary components such as header, Meta tags, etc. are in place for maximum healthcare SEO.

A keyword research phase that focuses on the healthcare provider’s desired keywords and long-tail phrases (longer search queries)

  • Optimizing all pages of the healthcare website to make sure they are mobile-friendly
  • Writing healthcare content with the consumer in mind
  • Sharing content across various healthcare social media platforms
  • Marketing healthcare content through healthcare search engine optimization
  • Tracking analytics using Google Analytics to make sure the healthcare website is effective
  • Reporting on SEO progress to healthcare business leaders and updating as necessary

A healthcare SEO company can also advise healthcare providers about what they should be doing outside of their website. That will help move them up in healthcare search engine results and make healthcare internet marketing more cost-effective.

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