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Why demand forecasting software is a must in 2022

In a supply chain management process, demand planning is vital for keeping track of demand fluctuations and better demand forecasting. New demand planning software is developing, evolving, and improving with time to make demand planning more efficient for businesses in order to meet demand variations with accuracy.

But is that the only reason why you should invest in top-notch demand forecasting software? How would your business benefit from a top-quality demand forecasting system? Why exactly is it crucial for your business to have a demand forecasting system in 2022?


Here’s why:


1.  It facilitates better planning

When you have a better idea of what your future sales may look like, you can plan more effectively with the aim of enhancing the sales where possible. It becomes easier to build and inform your procurement strategy, making it easier to match supply with customer demand.

What’s more, demand forecasting software can make it easier to incorporate ideal pricing and other factors into your plan as you work on enhancing the future operations of your business. Failure to use such software can, on the other hand, result in poor forecasting which basically means a depleted inventory, lost sales, unsatisfied customers, and lost revenue.


2.  Betters supplier relations and purchasing terms

Using demand forecasting software allows you to optimize your raw material planning process. That way, you are able to send your purchase plan to your suppliers of raw material in a timely manner. Eventually, this results in improved relations with suppliers and increases the negotiating power of purchasing managers when it comes to securing favourable terms for the business.


3.  Ensures optimal resource allocation and capacity utilization

With demand forecasting software, it’s easier to schedule production effectively. That’s in consideration that you will have clear information about expected customer orders in relation to your current inventory levels and raw material availability. With such information, you can ensure better capacity utilization and optimal resource allocation.


4.  Enhances distribution planning and logistics management

Demand forecasting software helps you plan effectively for demand fluctuations and demand shortages. After having been able to access this demand data, it will it easier to balance inventory for your business while also allowing you to negotiate better terms with transporters.

This is especially important for businesses that have lots of stock-keeping units (SKUs) coupled with a wide distribution network.


5.  Improves customer service levels

In demand planning, demand forecasting software helps you anticipate demand from customers and ensures that you have the necessary supply to meet demand. When demand is anticipated properly, then it becomes easier for a business to improve different customer metrics such as on-time delivery, case-fill/fill-rate, and others. 

In demand forecasting software, demand variations are detected as early as possible. As a result, you can make necessary adjustments to your supply chain and ensure that demand and supply gaps do not exist which would later result in customer dissatisfaction and loss of business.


6.  Fosters performance management

Having a demand forecasting process in place means that a business’s management team can formulate the right plan to achieve its goals. As a result, it becomes possible to come up with targets and KPIs for different departments. In the end, your business becomes more efficient and effective in meeting demand and improving in key areas.


7.  It facilitates your online presence

With the growth of online platforms influencing business purchase trends, it’s crucial for corporations to understand product demand prediction trends by considering consumer demand shifts towards online purchases.  One of the most effective ways to do that is to use demand forecasting software to get reliable demand forecast reports. 


8.  Ensures better product lifecycle management

Demand forecasting software allows you to put in place strategies that ensure the adequate flow of products throughout their lifecycles. This demand data can be used to decide whether a product is still worth investing in or it might be time for your business to phase out the stock and reallocate such resources elsewhere.


In conclusion,

Demand forecasting software is, without a doubt, crucial for businesses in 2022. It increases the capability of business owners to effectively manage demand and demand variations while also making sure that demand backlogs do not exist. This, in turn, makes it easier for a business to become more efficient and effective.

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