Who was the first indian cricket team captain?

Who was the first Indian cricket team captain? The first Indian cricket team captain, CK Nayudu, is a well-known personality. He laid the foundation for India’s entrance to the international cricket stage. Born in Punjab, he was also a keen sportsman who was involved in football, hockey, and athletics. But his love for cricket was only sparked when he was selected to represent the Hindus in a series against Europeans in 1916.

The first Indian cricket team captain was born 31 October 1895 in Bara Bada Nagpur, Maharashtra. He was the first captain of the Indian test team and played in only 2 ODIs and an ODI match. However, the cricketer was an exceptional captain, scoring over four hundred runs in the course of 40 innings and taking nine wickets in his debut match. Despite being a successful captain, CK Nayudu’s untimely death in 1935 left the Indian cricket world in disarray.

Azharuddin was an outstanding cricketer who captained the Indian team in 174 One-day tournaments and 47 Test matches. He was a great captain and brought many laurels to the nation. He was the first Indian cricket team captain and was also awarded the Arjuna and Padma Shri. His achievements continue to inspire young players to play the game. You can find out the names of the former Indian cricket team captains below.

Sunil Gavaskar led the Indian team in the first test match in India against South Africa. He was replaced by Kapil Dev in the 1980s, who was also a great captain. He led India to their first World Cup title, and scored forty runs, and took nine wickets in his first match. His love of cricket was evident in his achievements during his long career. While he was not the most successful captain in Indian cricket, he was a great leader and deserves the title.

In the 1970s, CK Nayudu led the Indian cricket team in its maiden Test match against England. The English team was captained by Douglas Jardine. Nissar took five wickets for India and CK Nayudu smashed two for the win. CK Nayudu was the first man to lead the Indian test team. He scored 40 runs and took nine wickets in his maiden Test match. During this time, CK was unable to lead his country to victory due to injuries.

After a few years of unsuccessful attempts, Srikkanth was appointed as India’s first test team captain. He led the team in seven ODIs between 1975 and 1979 and eventually reached the World Cup in 1983. After winning the first World Cup, he was nominated to lead the team again. The Indian cricket team had no permanent captain until the second century. Its first ODI match was won by India by 43 runs and Srikkanth scored 38.

Until 1932, India played international cricket for the first time. The first test match was won by C.K. Nayudu. He was also the first captain of the Indian cricket team. In the 1980s, he was the first captain of the Indian test team. In addition to his ODI career, he also played in the World Cup in 1983. And today, his name is immortal.

Apart from Ajit Wadekar, the first Indian cricket team captain was S Venkataraghavan, who became the first Indian Test team captain in 1974. He was the first indian cricket team captain and the first to play the ODI game against England. He led the team to the World Cup in 1983. The next two ODIs he played as the captain were also lost by Ajit Wadekar.


Nayudu was the first indian cricket team captain in 1932. He played the first Test for India in 1932. The first ODI match was played against England in 1947. After the war, he became the captain of India. At the time, he was the sixth in the list of test nations. He had his debut against England in the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1922. This was the year that India was granted full membership in the ICC.

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