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What is the best IB subject combination?

Schooling is something that is considered extremely obvious, there are no questions raised about it whatsoever. In fact, it is one of the most crucial things a parent worries about all day and night. From the jitters, one gets while even trying to land on a decision of finalizing a good enough school out of endless options, to the emotional verge a parent usually finds themselves on especially during the beginning years of their child’s education, schooling seems like one of the hardest hurdles you cross along with your kid.

The moment you start looking for the best international schools for your child, you probably know how hard it is to find the right place. Although views differ on which place to choose, Japan is breaking through the boundaries lately. The education, culture, and schools are just so perfect that looking for the best international schools in Japan can be a wise decision. 

Japan is already attracting students who are looking for a stable and certain learning environment. Since the education quality is said to be so rich, parents and students are going with the hype. 

So, if you are having second thoughts about getting into a reputable international school in Japan, read through:

  • Cultural experience: 

    You can make a long list of reasons that support your decision of getting into a school in Japan. One of the reasons is experiencing the cultural experience. The cultural difference is so prominent that people from other countries feel curious to experience it. Japan has one foot strongly attached to east Asian culture and the other foot to western and American culture. Despite being connected to different areas; Japan has a unique trend and culture that is admired by almost everyone. 

  • Youth connection: 

    One famous addition to the perks of selecting Japan is their pop culture. As a parent, you would surely be worried about what all trends and interests your child follow. Just sit and think about it. No matter how important education is, following one’s passion holds equal weightage. Japanese pop culture is rising so speedily that the majority of youth are running after them. So, choosing education opportunities in Japan can even make them familiar with the root culture, morals and encourage them to learn more about it. 

  • Educational standards: 

    Ask someone who has ample knowledge about different education systems. The first thing they’ll tell you about Japan is their high education standards. Here, you find the most educated crowd and a highly skilled population. Added to this, economic growth is a big attraction. The technical rise in Japan is just unbeatable when compared to the other areas. So, of course, choosing Japan as your child’s future education place can change their life for good. 

  • Foreign culture: 

    Studying in Japan doesn’t mean your child would deal with Japanese culture alone. Since the country is facing a swift decline in the population count, the locals are pretty welcoming to the foreign crowd. Education and pop culture is enough to attract the student crowd and increase the population count by a significant number. If your child is getting into a school in Japan, they would experience multiple cultures. Adapting, accepting and witnessing different cultures during higher education can mould a person’s personality and boost their confidence. 

  • Japanese language:

     Most people have doubts about the language difference. Usually, the foreign crowd that enters the state for study, job or touring purposes undergo a separate language course. They are allowed to choose language courses according to the time they wish to invest. Some choose a 12-week language learning plan and some go for a long-term language session. Honestly, it might get difficult for a few people to dwell in the culture, but having the courage to do so can yield huge benefits in the end. 

  • Education programs: 

    Stop thinking that Japanese schools don’t support English programs. Be it an  IB diploma or any additional program, the international schools are determined to make everything work. The school authorities understand the difference in culture, language and lifestyle, to which they take as a responsibility and make sure the students adjust well in time. Irrespective of the school you get in, choosing the type, of course, is completely up to the student’s choice and discretion. 

There is no denying that choosing an international school in Japan can change your child’s life for good. It is a big step, perhaps a wise one. Considering the education standards and popularity of their culture globally, international schools in Japan can be a good fit. So, when it comes to shortlisting the best schools for IB diplomas, make sure you also include Japanese schools in the list.

The difference in culture and lifestyle can make your child flexible. It boosts their confidence and builds a personality that you would be proud of. Staying far from home makes them learn things that help them sustain themselves throughout.


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