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What Are The Things To Consider When Ordering A Custom T-Shirt?

Customized t-shirts are the new fashion trend that has become a very popular choice among kids and adults. Of all the other printing methods, the procedure of screen printing shirts has come a long way in a few years.

Instead of just picking up the central image of the shirt, you can use a variety of images as well as patterns when you are using the overall printing design.

There are many possibilities available to you when you are going to print the next custom sublimated t shirts for business, but there are some things that you need to keep in mind when you are designing and ordering the custom t-shirt.

Choosing cotton 

It is completely fair that there are different types of fabric available in the market which you have in mind, but when it comes to all-over t-shirt printing, pure cotton is used so that the design and colors look perfect on the fabric.

The cotton fabric allows you to have multiple options as far as where you can print the design on it. Do you know what is the cool thing about the all-over t-shirt printing? It allows the printing of design all the way up to the neck of the shirt, under the arms, and over all the other areas.

All these are some quality concerns that one should be aware of when the printing to the seams and edges takes place. You need to keep in mind that cotton allows the flexibility needed to get a great screen print design. 

Considering the colors 

How you can avoid colors from not fitting up in your design is by using a single color. This will help in making a more even formation on the t-shirt. It also ensures the design will not come out looking deformed or heavily altered.

If you are willing to use multiple colors, this can work, but it would turn into a bit better if there is a blend of colors. There can also be a bit distressed. 

This distressed look is in demand right now and this also works great with all-over screen printing. To avoid such problems, you may want to keep it a minimum of 3-4 colors. But you should remember that 6 colors are the maximum limit. 

Looking at design 

The design can be tight, complicated, and consist of many straight lines. These elements may not work as the design move a little looser and are not that narrow. There is a possibility that the designs can make the variability noticeable.

When you do the designing of all-over-print t-shirts that need sharp lines, you need to be careful to keep an eye out for skips. Take the example of designing a t-shirt for your business, you can put your logo in the front or back of the t-shirt with some looser designs around the neck and shoulders.

If you still wish to use some rigid lines, make sure that they don’t go on those joints that can make the lines blurry or may make the image look rough. 

Color of shirts

T-shirts are the most popular promotional items, and you can use them for all sorts of occasions. But there are a lot of different colors to choose from, and sometimes you might get stuck.

So how do you pick the best color for your custom all over print shirts? Knowing your target audience is an important thing to consider. The first thing you need to do is know your target audience.

You have to know what they like, what they don’t like, and even what they hate. This will help you make an informed decision on whether or not that particular color will be well received by them.

Less is always more 

The all-over screen printing design looks great but you may want to keep away from a completely covered shirt made with a heavy amount of ink.

Try not to completely cover up the color of the shirt, and use the shirt as the part of the design as it is a part of the all-over design. The big amount of ink can give an uncomfortable look to wear, so you can pull it back a bit to get the best results. 

Size when you order 

You can get it with the screen printer to discuss what size of shirts you will need to order and how the design can be customized to look great on different sizes of screen-printed t-shirts.

If you get stuck on a specific design and the screen printer says it will not work, you need to try something different. It should be hand but you will get a better-finished product in the end and still come out looking awesome. This is the benefit of doing the customization of t-shirts safely.

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