We Need to Talk About Dubai trade license

A few days ago, on a forum for expats in the UAE. Someone posted that they had just met an American. Who was telling everyone that anyone wanting to trade or start up a business needed to get a license.

This sounded fishy as the majority of small businesses here don’t need one. Some very large businesses such as Emirates Airlines. Dubai Properties don’t have them either.

The Official Guide to Need to Talk About Dubai trade license

It also seemed odd as all new companies applying for licenses would be liable to be audited by the authorities so what was this “American” gaining from spreading his rumour?

Turns out he was working for a company that does business licensing, registration. Luckily another expat with contacts inside Dubai Municipality explained it away as just another con.

Dubai trade license

According to our source, the company is operated by two young American expats who are quite intelligent have devised a smart sales pitch for their products. The salesman earns commission based on the sale. So all his tales of Dubai Municipality having way too much time on their hands because they can’t keep up with new businesses was just hype. Although it turned out he had completely misunderstood what the municipality were doing.

The Official Guide to Need to Talk About Dubai trade license

Dubai Municipality is busy preparing for 2010. When international visitors could reach 17 million or more per year. But what they are actually doing is setting up an online system that will allow companies to apply directly. Via email without submitting paper forms. This will make it quicker. Easier for everyone involved including the municipality. So the American’s tale about how much work they have to do is completely inaccurate.

The Municipality has been working for a few years on ways to make it easier for businesses. In 2008 a Business Portal was launched featuring a number of services including a company registration service where companies can apply online.

however in order to access this you need an iqamah certificate from Dubai Police. The municipality has told us that it expects its new system will be ready by autumn 2009. Here at Gulf News we’ve heard rumours that it may be delayed until 2010. Because of funding issues but our source inside the municipality confirmed that it should hopefully be up and running before Christmas.

Need to Talk About Dubai trade license Explained

Finally, why no Dubai trade license? This one might actually surprise expats as a number of companies do have licences. But don’t make a fuss about it. Companies based in Dubai. Particularly those listed on the Dubai Financial Market. frequently apply for a licence since it assures investors and customers that the company is registered and follows local rules.

For those who prefer to skip the registration process. Many large businesses such as Emirates Airlines. Dubai Properties and even some banks operate their regional offices from DUBAI without one.

Dubai trade license

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So there you go. Some insight into why Dubai Municipality has such bad reputation amongst expats compared with companies Such as Dubai Properties who only need money laundering records held back when they were just an Emirates.

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