Want to gift to the sweetest near ones from Kolkata? Grab these lovely fresh flowers

Kolkata, as we all know is filled with the sweetest of all people. Be it their language or their cuisines, you cannot take out that “sweetness” from the hearts of Kolkata. Travelers from all around the world make it mandatory to visit the place at least once in their lifetime. And not only this, being the first capital of India, the city still manages to hold that traditional and nostalgic vibe within her.

When the place itself is so lively and beautiful then surely the gifts should also be up to that level. You all will agree that there need not have any particular reason to surprise your favorite person. But the biggest question is how you can bring that sweet smile to their face. Let’s hand over a bouquet of some unique flowers to that one long distant from Kolkata.

Flowers can never be the wrong option when it comes to gifting. Roses, daisies, sunflowers, lilies, carnations, orchids, and the list just go on and on. All you need to know is what your loved one loves the most and then get prepared to send flowers to Kolkata.

Where to find the best collection?

Once you are sure to send flowers to Kolkata, now the time comes to select the right store. Yes, it is more important to have a piece of knowledge about all the available shops so that it becomes easy for you to get the best gift.

Although the world is turning into a digital era, still many of us believe in traditional and old-school shopping. Offline, physical shops still manage to grab the trust of the customers but what about the variety of options that you can get in online stores? Oyegifts is one of those websites which can easily make you go all amazed with their gift collections.

You can personally visit the shops and select all by yourself if you want to send flowers to Kolkata. Roses, lilies, orchids are some of the most common ones which you can avail from anywhere. But are you sure that flowers will reach Kolkata all fresh and just the same as you thought off? Can the shopkeeper give you that guarantee? Here comes when online stores rule the market and even assure you of delivering only the best.

All are available in just a few clicks. Reach out to the store, select the location, choose the suitable flower and enable the midnight delivery option. Your long distant friend, sitting in Kolkata and having no idea about your gift will get the biggest surprise in no time.

When to surprise your dear ones?

Being a country with so much diversity, India is never out of any occasions. We people still believe in the tradition of having joined family and thus, special functions and days are celebrated throughout the year. And with the special day comes the biggest responsibility of surprising them with special gifts.

Birthdays, marriages, baby showers, good luck wishes, promotion days, or anything, flowers can never go wrong. Not only this, there are certain flowers which even suit best on some sad occasions like death. If you are not very profound in communicating by words then flowers can do them justice. Showcase your inner feelings with a handful of lovely bouquets. And lastly, there need not have any reason to surprise your favorites staying in Kolkata.

Which flower to send?

Even after knowing your close ones’ preferences, still you may stay confused. Thus, in that case, we have come up with some of the best from which you can easily select.


Orchids can be unique ones that can be sent to any occasion. Be it a happy moment or a sad one, this flower just fits perfectly. Having some magical power, orchids can easily uplift the mood and surpass the positivity to the environment.


Red roses are the most common ones which you can avail from anywhere. Surprise your love of life with a bouquet of red ones. But don’t make it too obvious and cliché. Add a tint of white, yellow, pink roses to communicate all your emotions.


A new day, a new beginning and a new life need to be celebrated with a bouquet of daisies. This flower can be gifted to anyone on their special day, just to cheer them up. Furthermore, white orchids as we all know, represent the essence of purity. If you’re not sure what to present on birthdays, these gorgeous white daisies with little yellow or off-white centres are a good choice.


The flower has a strong magnetic energy that may transform drab, gloomy situations into memorable ones. Win the hearts of your near and dear ones with some bouquet of carnations. White flowers are excellent for wishing someone good luck, but purple flowers may indicate capriciousness.


If there are no such special occasions or reasons to send flowers then lilies can be the best option to surprise them with. These flowers not only bloom with the sweetest smell but surely can enhance the beauty of the room.

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