Visit the most beautiful spots in California

Visit the most beautiful spots in California


Wish to visit California, also known as the “city of beaches” ? where you can explore several interesting activities &, etc. Thus the city offers you some of the most beautiful places to spend your quality time & feel totally relaxed.

Once you visit these palaces, they provide a heavenly vibe & make your trip/vacation more exciting. 

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Here are the five most beautiful places to visit in Big Sur, California:

1 California Coastal Paradise:

The Coastal paradise of California is covered with scenery mountains that add a high value for visitors across the globe. It aslo has an amazing big sur beach that provides you with the ultimate experience, cold air breeze, water droplets that make you feel totally refreshed& classic weather to enjoy the whole day.

  1. Bixby Bridge :

 It’s the Bixby Bridge that can be your next visiting spot in California. The big sur bridge is totally entitled as a great photography spot for the tourists and represents itself as a view of the superb architecture. Covered with the green mountains makes extremely more beautiful & worth of visit.

  1. Rocky Point Restaurant :

If you wish to have amazing seafood, then the Rocky point restaurant is the right choice for you. Precisely set up around the beautiful pacific ocean with flexible open table reservation & a burning fire that provides you with an amazing vibe. 

  1. Garrapata Trail & Beach:

Another spot that you can like to visit is the Garrapata trail & beach, just at a distance of about 2 min. The Garrapta trail is covered with yellow wildflowers during the Spring & Summer. The area is also for having white calla lily flowers in Spring.

  1. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve:

You should visit the Point Lobos state natural reserve as a nature lover. It is one of the best-hidden treasures for amazing natural views. Go on a short walk here; you’ll find an iconic bird island trail where you find multiple wildlife animals & other animals.

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Conclusion :

We hope you got an idea about the most beautiful palace in Big Sur, California, that can explain why you should pay a visit to these places & their specialty that makes them more attractive for the visitors. So plan an exciting trip to California & make one great memorable trip.


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