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Uttari Betta Trek, Bangalore


Uttari betta Trek is one the best day hikes in Karnataka . You will start in a small village, then enter the fort wall and pass through seven stone doors to reach your midway point. This includes a Sankareswari temple. The views from the top are breathtaking enough to take your breath away.

The trip continues after passing through the temple. We will then travel via a small rainforest cave where we will find another universe. Finally, we arrive at the meadow top, which is surrounded by large boulders. After spending some time on the summit, we begin our descent back towards the trek’s beginning point.

What can our Uttari Betta Trek expert say?

Start point for the journey


  • The hike begins late at night with the intention of reaching the summit before sunrise.

The journey starts in a small town. After walking in darkness through the village for a reasonable amount of time, you will reach the defensive barricade. Seven stone entrances are then required. Because it crosses large boulders, the trail is often unstable. You will eventually reach the Shankeshwar temple at the midpoint.

Vista from the Temple Summit

  • The view from the temple’s top is breathtaking enough to keep your attention for a few seconds. The road continues onwards after passing the sanctuary. It passes through a small tunnel through the forest before reaching a new area.
  • We were able to take in the beauty of the daybreak with its amazing mix of colors in the sky. After that, we’ll start our descent back towards base camp. While you are captivated by the beauty of these slopes, be careful. Before we continue to Bangalore, we will take a break to eat breakfast.
  • Approximate total distance:

7 km (Both ways)

The price is Rs. 1300/-. (per person)

Itinerary for Uttari Betta Trek


Pickup from the New Shanti Sagar Hotel, Domlur at 06:45

You can pick up your order at Garuda Mall, Magrath Road, at 7:00 AM.


  • 09:00 Arrive to the bottom and start ascending
  • 11:15 – Climb up to the top and take a look around. Take lunch.
  • Start descending at 12:30 p.m.
  • 15:00 Arrive in the base village to begin your return journey.
  • Arrival in Bangalore is scheduled for around 18:00.
  • Take a packed lunch with you on this hike.

What should you bring with you on the uttari-betta trek

  • Water bottle with 2/3 litres capacity
  • Lunch on the trek
  • Trekking shoes offer greater comfort and grip on a trek. Action trekking shoes are preferable
  • A proper bag is necessary to store all this stuff.
  • For a torch to work well, you will need additional batteries.
  • Use sunscreen and wear a hat
  • Energy Bars/Dry Fruits/Dry Snacks
  • Sachets of Glucon D and ORS, Tang, or Gatorade
  • Identification proof for personal first aid and personal medicine
  • To protect yourself against the sun, thorns and insects, please wear long-sleeved shirts, as well as full-length track pants.

Uttar Betta Trek: What is not available on any other website


This sunrise tour takes you into the heart and soul of nature. It includes caverns, wildernesses and huge stones that will leave you amazed at the enormity of life. It ensures that travelers are in harmony with the rich wildlife and vegetation along its route.

If you are looking for a place to be totally immersed in nature, then join us on this adventure.

View of the uttari Betta

The Uttara Betta hiking trail is 5 km long and takes you to a stunning green scene that mysteriously disappeared in the area. Like the Western Ghats’ journey to Uttari Betta begins in a small hamlet. It opens up to fortress walls and then goes through seven stone entranceways to reach the midway, which houses the Shankheshwar temple at the summit. It is a stunning view from the zenith.

This trek will be a highlight of your life. This trek will leave you with unforgettable memories and beautiful scenery.

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