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Training course and other obligations in owning a pet What will the cycle be like when you have a dog?

Training course and other obligations in owning a pet. What will the cycle be like when you have a do  Accord to the preliminary draft of the Law on the Protection and Rights of Animals.

A pet resides in one in three homes in our country; The fact is that the “pet study” conducted by Veterindustria in June 2021, in cooperation.

The National Association of Pet Food Manufacturers (ANFAAC), rose to 50.2% of Hispanic families. 33.2% of these animals are dogs.

With this data in mind

the initial draft provides, among other things, owning a pet for future dog owners to first pass an appropriate path to avoid abandonment and abuse, as well as uncivil actions. How will this session be?
Concrete details are still unknown. In fact, from the Madrid Association of Veterinarians Accompanying Animals (AMVAC), at the moment they can only refer to what was published in October in the bill, where “the course was mentioned in the explanatory statement, and it also mentioned that the content of that course will be developed following to regulations.” In any case, like Sergio Garcia, Director-General of Animal Rights, explains, this is a “simple path of fundamental knowledge” to verify that the future caretaker of the dog, upon completion, is trained to be a companion dog. As can be inferred from the draft, the cycle:
Will address civic knowledge. It will establish a “commonness framework” to avoid behaviors such as not picking up dog litter on the streets or not knowing where to keep it on a leash, among other measures.
It will be a free online course. Training will be offered to obtain a qualification from an animal handler.
The owner of the dog must do this.
For or against a path to get a dog?

The experts swear by the commitment to take a training course if you want to have a dog.

While some appreciate the procedure positively, which they consider necessary, others, such as veterinarian Paula Garcia, believe that it cannot be simplified and that a “basic” course will not be enough.

Since there are many profiles of owners – who in fact should not have a dog – that they will pass this course and have a “letter of mark” with the certificate.
Implementation of such a basic course can.

In these cases, be counterproductive “by generating the feeling that the problem has been solved with this simple action.

” Similarly, other experts also point out that administrations should implement “more effective oversight,” which would provide a solution against abandonment.
Other obligations of pet owners.

Get Civil Liability Insurance

The person responsible for the animal, and its dependent owner will also be liable for possible damage, harm, or inconvenience to people, animals or other things, roads, public places, and the natural environment. In the case of dogs, you must take out civil liability insurance.

Don’tDon’t leave pets alone

Pets cannot be left alone for more than three consecutive days. In the case of dogs, he may not be without a responsible person for more than 24 hours.

Animal carcass.

Slaughter of animals can only be carried out “following veterinary standards.

Control for the sole purpose of avoiding suffering” or for reasons of animal health, risks to public health.

The environment, etc., and always appropriate. The procedure for owning a pet like euthanasia of dogs and other animals should only be carried out by veterinary personnel by methods that ensure good treatment of the animal in its last moments.

Maximum number of dogs per house

The rule states that a maximum of five animals can be kept in the house. If you now have more, don’tdon’t worry because the Law will not be retroactive.

Disabled registration

The new regulations will attempt to prevent abuse.

which is defined as “every behavior, whether by act or omission. By which pain or suffering is inflicted on an animal.”

Among the specific measures to try to avoid this is the creation of a National Registry of Disqualifications for Tenure and Activities Related to Animals (RINTA), which will contain “the registration of identification data of natural or legal persons, who have been criminally or administratively disqualified for the exercise of a profession, trade or trade relating to animals, As well as for the possession of animals.”
Animal identity, when?

The DNI of the future animal,

mandatory for dogs and cats will consist of a system for accessing a database that includes the information contained in the chip and the information added. Its goal is to “ensure that we advance on the right path and in a model in which no animal is left to its fate in Spain,” explains Minister for Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Ion Bellara.
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