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Top Things to do in Coorg

Visit Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls, often known as Abbi Falls, is a major tourist site in and near Coorg. It is located approximately 10 kilometres from the town of Madikeri. The water cascades from a height of 70 feet down the rock, creating a breathtaking spectacle. The trek to the falls from the main entrance takes you past exotic coffee, cardamom, pepper, and other spice plantations. Despite the fact that bathing in the falls is now illegal, there is an over-bridge adjacent to the falls where visitors can see the scenery. 

Neravanda B. Nanaiah bought the land from the government and planted trees all over it, making it private property. The natural beauty of the area emerged as the forests cleared, revealing the appealing streams and waterfalls to the public.


Trek to Tadiandamol

At 1748 metres above sea level, Tadiandamol is Coorg’s highest mountain summit. The majority of people interested in trekking flock to this location since the journey is challenging, but the view from the summit is breathtaking. Tadiandamol trek is a great alternative for nature enthusiasts who want gorgeous surroundings and are new to trekking. Aside from the treks, nature enthusiasts can visit the area because it is accessible by vehicle for nearly half of the journey.

The base camp near the large rock and the peak are the two greatest spots for camping. I would recommend that you set up a place in the base camp. There’s water nearby, and it’s a big enough space to fit a lot of tents. Beginners should avoid attempting to reach the summit. However, if you do go, bring plenty of water because there’s not much at the top, and arrive early to secure your position because there are only 5 spots available.

Many trekkers begin their journey in the village of Kakkabe, but another viable option is to drive directly to the start-up point A, as the route is very straightforward and smooth.


Visit Mandalpatti

Mandalpatti is a stunning and unique vantage point in Coorg, Karnataka, overlooking the grassy knolls of Pushpagiri forests in the Western Ghats. This location is also known as ‘Muguli-Peth.’ The sunrise and sunset views from this location are well-known. The months of June and July are best to visit Mandalpatti. The visual splendour is enhanced and enlivened during most of the monsoon season. The rain enhances the flora, while the clouds give the sky a lovely appearance.You can go for jeep ride, nature sightseeing. Mandalpatti can be reached in two ways. One comes from the direction of Abbi Falls and involves a 20-kilometer jerky ride. The other route is through Makkandaru, which passes by several waterfalls and streams.

Dubare Elephant Camp Visit

The Dubare Elephant Camp, which became an important Karnataka Forest Department camp but is currently controlled by private actors, is a wonderful place to learn more about elephants and can see a huge number of Asiatic elephants enjoying themselves . Naturalists and mahouts skilled in the art of handling these majestic creatures are stationed throughout the camp, providing visitors with a wealth of information about these gentle giants.

Peacocks, kingfishers, partridges, and woodpeckers are among the camp’s many birds. Spotted deer, tigers, wild dogs, and bears inhabit the surrounding foliage, making this a great ecotourist destination.

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Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary Visit

The Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is 181 in width and took inspiration from Brahmagiri Park, the highest peak in the area at 1608 metres. Evergreen and moderate forests, shoal forest enclaves in grasslands, and bamboo are among the sanctuary’s principal vegetation types. The coffee and cardamom fields surround the sanctuary, which was created in 1974.

Visitors may see some magnificent spots when trekking around the Brahmagiri mountain. It is located on the Kerala side of the Brahmagiri range, at an elevation of 1740 metres. The Iruppu Falls in Karnataka are fed by the Lakshmana Tirtha River.

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