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Tips to Conduct Pet Relocation Smoothly

Relocating to a new place is a challenge in itself, but with a pet, the challenge suddenly intensifies. The assigning of the pet relocation experts can lower your tension a bit, but you still have to be on your toes to ensure that everything goes well till the very end. There are a lot of things involved when it comes to pet relocation, as it is the same as uprooting little kids from one society to another. You can expect discomfort and behavioral changes from them, and that starts as soon as they sense changes around them. It is for this reason that you need to plan the move strategically.

A slight mishandling can cause a lot of trouble to you and your beloved pet. If you are still struggling as to how to get the pet relocation done smoothly, then follow the below-given tips to ensure safe relocation. Have a look at these pointers for better pet relocation.

Tips to Conduct Pet Relocation Smoothly

If you have pets, you must know how sensitive they are. They may react seriously to moving them to a new location. In case, you are moving to a new place, you must follow certain tips to keep them as stable as possible. Here, are a few ways that allow you to manage the pet relocation smoothly.

Get the Best Packers and Movers

Those with pets must take the relocation seriously and take appropriate steps to manage the pets accordingly. This calls for you to pick the logistics carefully. After all, it is the packers and movers that decide how well your pet will be taken care of. Some of the moving companies specialize in shifting pets. You need to search a lot when it comes to finding one. Just picking one randomly won’t do, as you need to give proper care to them even during the move.

One should ask the packing and moving service providers if they have had any kind of experience in shifting the pets before. Your pet deserves great comfort during the move. Whether it’s a cat, a dog, or your goldfish, the company must have an idea as to what they are doing with them while relocating them. Those who have experience with these kinds of stuff will ensure that they follow the rules and regulations in place for relocating the pets.

Helping your Pet Familiarize with Carriers

When it comes to pet relocation, there are a lot of things that you need to think through. One must always work towards making their journey as easy as possible. Most packers and movers take the help of crates or carriers to shift the pets. These will be a new experience for your pets, so before you transport them in those, it will be best to allow them to get fairly acquainted with the process and new place as soon as possible.

Buy the carrier and let them stay inside the carrier, starting for one day than two, and so on. Start this practice at least 2 months before the move. They will be accustomed to the process and won’t find it a hardship when it is finally the time to move this way. The main motive behind this technique is to make your pet feel comfortable with the demo and prepare them for the move without any surprises.

Visit the Vet Essentially

Who knows more about your pet than the vet? Absolutely no one. So, before you even plan to move, make sure you get a consultation done by your vet. The vet must be informed about the trip that will allow them to conduct a thorough examination. Whether you are preparing for the intercity or even local relocation, it is important to talk to the vet at least once. Ensure that their vaccinations are up-to-date, and they have been properly microchipped, ready for the move.

The vet will check your pet and make necessary assessments about the pet’s health. The immunity of the pet also plays a very important role during the move. It is, for this reason, it is suggested that you get them checked at least a month before shifting them. This would help the vet to give them the right kind of medicines and prepare them well. It is at this time that they will be given the core shots, such as Rabies. Moreover, the vet will also prescribe calming tablets or sprays for the trip to ease out anxiety in the pets.

If you make these visits in the very beginning, you won’t have to make multiple visits later. So, plan accordingly.

Getting Essential Medicines

Just like with humans, your pets may also have a set of medicines that are prescribed during the relocation. Don’t forget to get these medicines in advance, or it can become troublesome for everyone involved in moving them. Pack them up and give them to the assigned packers and movers.

There may be special medicines that will keep them stable during the relocation. These medicines should be prescribed by the vet himself. You should pack them with the dosage and time intervals in which they must be given to the pets during the transportation. With this, you need to add flea and tick medication to make it smooth after the relocation.

Make Your New House Pet Proof

Just transporting them to the new place is not enough. One must take care even after moving them. The pets are quite sensitive to the place change and that can be a tricky situation for you. Ensure that the house has a pet-proof zone that has all their toys and beddings. It is with this that they will identify the new place to be their own. If the pet is a bit mature, they won’t need too much time adjusting. But dealing with the young ones is a completely different matter altogether.

They are like human beings and get jet-lagged quite easily so ensure that you treat them accordingly. Try to help them mingle with the new surrounding as easily as possible.

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